BUCS Predictions | Division One South, Week Four

1A South West

By Craig Proto

Plymouth Blitz v Exeter Demons

It’s good to have Blitz vs Demons back on the schedule! It’s been a few years since these teams last met.

The battle for Devon is back on and it should be a great game.

Exeter are coming off a tough match-up against the Bullets and their tough defence. They lost 22-0, not the game this team hoped to have after beating Cardiff in Week One.

Still, we are very early in the season and teams are still figuring each other out. This Exeter squad has the chance to push itself ahead with a nice win this weekend. What we need to see is whether this Exeter defence can handle the generally strong Blitz offence.

The Blitz have had an extra week to think about their loss against Cardiff and figure out a way to respond. In contrast to their strong opening against Solent, the Bliz O came out flat against Cardiff, taking an early lead but unable to add anything more to the scoreboard.

This south coast side should be very up for this match-up, since Exeter have been the better side in the most recent games played between the two.

The Blitz do always play well at home and the long trip to Cardiff a few weeks ago may have had an effect in that game, reflected in the offence not putting up many points.

This is a new week though and I can see the Blitz offence looking for like it’s old self back on their home field. Watch out for All-DC Div 2 QB, Fen Trudgian, hooking up with favourite target WR Patrick Wilson.

Blitz take this in a tight game.


1A South

By JJ Segarty

Kingston Cougars v Sussex Saxons

With a weekend off to prepare for the Sussex Saxons, the 2-0 Kingston Cougars will be working out any kinks found in the team and focusing on going 3-0 this weekend against the .500 Saxons. Taking their first win by a single touchdown and their second by two they may be looking to win by three this week and staying undefeated.

Although the team is only .500, the Sussex Saxons defeated the Reading Knights in Week Three while only allowing a mere 3 points. Needing another W to stay in contention for the conference, a win this weekend will bring the team level with the Cougars who are currently undefeated atop the table.

A strong Kingston Cougars team with a week off to prepare to play at home against vs a Saxons team who only got 15 points against the winless Knights?

Cougars to win.

Surrey Stingers v Brunel Burners

An unfortunate 20-7 loss to the currently undefeated Kingston Cougars in Week Two brought the Surrey stingers to 1-1. Now in the middle of the conference, the Stingers will want to take a W this weekend against the Burners and move to a more comfortable position in the conference, potentially seeing a multi-team tie at 2-1 if results fall into place.

Defeating Reading by 12 points in Week Two  brought the Brunel Burners to 1-1 for the season, tying them in mid-conference with all but the winless Reading and undefeated Cougars. Also fighting for a W this weekend to separate themselves from the pack, the Burners will be eager to lock up a second W to confirm their Division One credentias following promotion.

Both teams are sat at 1-1, however, the Burners have scored twice that of Surrey and conceded one point less. This is why I’m going to back the Burners to win this weekend


1A South East

By Editor

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Cambridge Pythons v UEA Pirates

Not a pleasant start to the year for the Pythons, who following the departure of their All-DC QB (admittedly, selected as a defensive lineman) have failed to put up a single point through two match ups.

The loss to the newly promoted Chargers will have hurt, but the pain was only piled further on the Pythons at the weekend when the Falcons crushed Cambridge to the tune of a 38 to zip shut out.

While there’s a lot more balling to play out, and from one week to the next there’s always great potential for an internationally renowned school like Cambridge suddenly dumping a brace of yanks in the Python’s laps? It’s certainly looking like the current roster is going to struggle in 17/18.

In contrast, smooth sailing for the Pirates so far this year – big wins over Canterbury and Imperial have them sharing the top spot in the conference, and looking like real contenders. We love to tell you the why and how, but we’re yet to here much from this revitalised unit so far this year!

Still, hard to see them fall short against the Pythons at this point in the year.

Imperial Immortals v Canterbury Chargers

If we’d been asked to predict this one in the preseason, there’s only one way you’d pick this match up – the 6-2 postseason-bound Immortals should have been making short work of the recently promoted Chargers…

Now things are not nearly so clear.

The departure of their American QB, Jason Kuuilan, seems to have left the Immortal offence stumped. At 0-2 on the year so far the Immortals are looking like their life in Div One might come to an abrupt end if they can’t find a way to get the year back on track – could this Week Four fixture against the new boys to the conference be the answer they’re after?

Well, we mighta said yes in Week One with the Chargers coming off a shut out loss to the Pirates, but they followed up with  their first mid tier win, a nice 26 to diddly shut out of the Pythons the next weekend. A win for the Chargers here would give them a great relegation buffer, so they’re gonna chase this win hard on Sunday.

In truth, we’re not sure what to expect from this one. The Immortals should be better than their performances so far this year… While the Chargers win looks less impressive  Even early in the season, it’s a crucial match up for both sides who’ve both still smarting from the loss of playmakers in the off season.

If only for their greater familiarity with the end zone so far this year, we’re gonna take the Chargers.





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