BUCS Premiership Semi-Finals Predictions

#TeamDC opted for southern teams in three out of last weekend’s four fixtures… and, well, we all know how that went!

And here we have it, the big tamale as 80% of the Premiership programme head to the postseason to compete for the Neil Reynolds trophy! (Assuming it’s still called that…?)

BUCS Premiership seedings work a little funny – with a combo of seedings and brackets to apparently ensure top side don’t meet one another before the National Championship game…

Huh. Wonder how Herts feel about that sentiment at the moment… ūüėČ

Stirling Clansmen (North #1) vs Derby Braves (North #3)


Both of these teams won BIG at the weekend Р as the Clansmen opened their postseason bullying the Bath Killer Bees for a second season in a row, while the Derby Braves hopped across to old-school MAC rivals and reigning National Champs, Birmingham, and upset all the pundits with a win inside the final two minutes!

By all accounts it was one helluva a match up, with the two teams trading scores back and forth throughout the match up, but a Baker-less Brum couldn’t find a way to pull two scores ahead, and were made to pay for it by a Braves side that seems to have re-found some of its early-season form in the past couple of weeks.

Perfect timing, many might say, as Derby will be wanting to channel the Week One offensive firepower that saw them shock the #BritballNation with an opening day win over Stirling in a 40-37 shootout.

A mid-season slump saw the Braves only win two more fixtures on the field following their opening-day high, both against a relegation-bound Renegades side, and the Clansmen-Braves rematch in Week Nine ended up being a rather one-sided affair – the Scotsmen running out 48-12 winners.

Still, buoyed by their big win last weekend, which Braves side will we be seeing on Sunday?


Stirling Derby


It seems the team simply aren’t convinced that the Braves have turned things around, with only our 1A North Correspondent, Nathan James Sharrocks, believing the Braves have something up their sleeve to stifle Stirling’s shot at reclaiming the National title they missed out on last season.

Verdict: Dispatching a wounded Lion seemingly wasn’t convincing enough – Stirling surge to Sixways according to #TeamDC!¬†


Loughborough Students (North #2) vs Durham Saints (North #4)

They waited until the fourth quarter to make their move, but the Saints pulled off a coup last weekend as the North’s ‘lowest seed’ defeated the top team in the south to complete a clean sweep of Northern dominance in the Premiership postseason.

Is it controversial? Well, the Saints and their fans may tell you otherwise, but there’s going to be many across the breadth of the #BritballNation that have mixed feelings about Durham’s place in the postseason – not least of all the Hurricanes themselves who felt they were ‘punished’ for taking the top spot in the south as they carried a number of regular season injuries into a postseason opener that was against the north’s bottom-seeded programme on paper only.

With the Saints going undefeated on the field of play through the regular season, are there any now that can stand between Durham¬†and what will be a… well, interesting to explain¬†record-setting first National Championship?

Loughborough ran the Saints close in the two sides’ season opener, but Durham dominated the second meeting – with only the BUCS ruling wiping out Durham’s first five fixtures saving face for the Loughborough side from being on the receiving end of one of the Premiership’s rare #50Burgers.

Will we see a close-fought contest a la Week One? Or are the Saints unstoppable in their march to a first National Championship? Will Loughborough’s strong defensive performance against Swansea last weekend give them the momentum to shut down the Saints’ scoring? And should Durham even be IN the postseason considering the sanctions taken against the programme this season? Let us know your thoughts Nation!


Durham Loughborough

We can argue the shoulds and shouldn’ts ’til the cows come home, but the reality is the Saints are in the postseason and have their sites locked on hoisting the trophy – and certainly #TeamDC seem to think there’s a very real chance of them taking one step closer to that goal this weekend!

Only Rose has opted for Lugbug to achieve an upset, while the rest of our roster sees the Saints headed to Sixways.

Verdict: If we’re fake news, but pick the Saints… how does this work?



There we have it ‘Nation – but who are YOUR picks to make it through semi-finals¬†in the top tier?




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