BUCS | Southern Conference Cup Final Postponed

DC has learned that it has now been confirmed that the Southern Conference Cup Final will also now be postponed until a later date.

With Southampton University’s term having ended last Friday, the Stags were not in a position to play the delayed Cup Final fixture – the original date for the Final having been set as 18¬†March, before BUCS ruled the Division Two playoffs be pushed back a week following the ‘Beast from the East’ postponements during the opening weekend of the postseason.

The Brighton Panthers were initially very resistant to the prospect of a delayed fixture, noting they may be unable to play any fixtures following the Easter Break, however it seems the teams have been able to come to an arrangement, the two committees currently looking to fulfil the fixture on the weekend of 21/22 April.

While it’s great to see two teams cooperating to ensure at least some fixtures are decided on the field this postseason, with both Conference Cup Finals now delayed, this news causes further frustration for teams such as the OBU Panthers and Bangor MudDogs, who were expelled from the postseason this week following a second weekend of poor weather, leading to tiebreakers deciding their playoff fates.

BUCS has faced heavy backlash over the past few weeks due to the lack of flexibility of their regulations, which this year have seen eleven teams across the three tiers lose their opportunity at postseason balling. 

Prior to this news, the Bangor MudDogs had launched a change.org petition asking BUCS to reconsider their Regulations. As noted in the petition:

“…this petition DOES NOT seek a reversal of the rulings for this fixture, but instead aims to promote change for future seasons and all sports, and thus requests written confirmation from BUCS that the rules surrounding this type of scenario are considered for revision.”

– Bangor MudDogs, Change.org





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