Cardinals Under 19s Seek Community Support for Postseason Adventure

The Ipswich Cardinals are seeking support from fans and the wider Britball community to allow them to fund their first trip to a National Finals, after forming their Under 19s roster just four years ago.

You can help the Cardinals reach their goal by either donating directly to the cause at, or if you can’t spare the funds right now you can still help these young ballers out by sharing the Cardinals’ story over social media!

The Cardinals shared:

So after creating the junior team only 4 years ago we’ve finally established ourselves as a competitive youth program in UK American football.

This last weekend we’ve achieved a place in the National Championship finals which are hosted in Stourbridge near Birmingham on the 25/8/19. This, of course, requires travelling and accommodation for our 27 strong squad and coaches which obviously is very costly so we are looking for help from friends/family/businesses and any other generous donors to support us in our goal of becoming national champions !!!

Any help however big or small will be gratefully received.

Yours in football,

Ipswich Cardinals Junior Team

We spoke with Cardinals Juniors Head Coach, Peter Moore, who told us just how much of a difference support can make to an up-and-coming programme like the Cardinals U19s:

The Junior Cardinals program was reformed four years ago after a lengthy 24-year absence from competition, with the first practice session consisting of just six players and two coaches.

Four years on and with some relentless recruiting, the team now stands 27 registered players with an ever-growing enthusiastic Coaching/Backroom staff, coupled with the recent success of the senior team, making the future bright for the whole Ipswich Cardinals organisation.

Funding for the team hasn’t come easy the last four years. Due to lack of sponsorship, we have relied mainly on players subs and coaches/staff digging into their own pockets to help keep the team afloat.

By attracting funding it will massively help towards travel costs for this new peak in our programme’s success. Further, if we can continue to attract support it will help massively towards travel costs to away games, footballs and training equipment and most importantly help new players out with equipment who financially cannot buy their own, which has been a problem in the past.

Support from the community means everything as we want to provide an outlet for young athletes to come and play the game we all love!

As noted, you can help these young athletes build towards their goal by either donating directly on their JustGiving page, or helping spread the word by sharing their story – it doesn’t cost a penny to tweet about it, or share their fundraising efforts on Facebook!

We’re also aware of other programmes looking for further support to fund their successful postseason adventures – if you want DC to help spread the word, simply get in touch with our Facebook page and we’ll see what we can do to help out!




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