City University Ballers Undergo A Rebrand Ahead Of 2017

Since their foundation in 2013, uniballers at City, University of London have kitted up as the Sentinels, but as of the 2017 season, they’ll be representing the City WolfPack.

The name change is part of an effort to create greater cohesion between all athletic teams at City, University of London and to improve the dynamic within the sporting programs. They hope it will open up a whole new feeling towards participating in sports at City and create an improved sporting culture.


Team President Luke Banks said:

“I was hesitant of the name change at first, as I’d played 2 years as a Sentinel and getting used to the change was somewhat peculiar. However, I’m excited now to see where we can take this team and what we can accomplish. It opens up a whole new set of challenges that I’m excited to start working on that, ultimately, will shape the future of this team.”


With the team ensuring that memories forged under the Sentinels banner aren’t forgotten, everyone around the program is excited about the change.

Head Coach Adam Lillis told us:

“The City Sentinels name has been around since the team was created four years ago and I am proud in what the program has achieved over this time span. This name change provides the football team with an opportunity to reinvigorate the program with a new logo and look. I am extremely excited to see what the new season brings.”



Gareth Thomas

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