DC Fantasy Football – we’ve got it (double) covered!

Byes: Eagles, Buccaneers

This is turning into a tough fantasy season as big name players continue to drop… and then their back ups go down too!

At least if you listened to us last week you’re feeling pretty chuffed about your pick up of Branden Oliver right now eh?

Pick up of the week

Back up backfields

Ronnie Hillman, RB, Denver Broncos, Jerick McKinnon, RB, Minnesota Vikings, Brandon Bolden, RB, New England Patriots, Storm Johnson, RB Jacksonville Jaguars

All of the above backups look set to lead their respective teams in carries over the next couple of weeks at least thanks to injuries with starting backs. As such, they’re all good shouts to pick up at least a steady number of fantasy points, with Hillman and Bolden being the cream of the crop.

Worthy Mentions: Antone Smith, RB, Atlanta Falcons (somehow, despite being excessively limited in touches, Smith continues to find ways to have fantasy value, scoring double-digit points in 3 straight games. In terms of fantasy? He’s Atlanta’s number one back.

Drop it like it’s hot

His situation went from bad to worse…

Knowshon Moreno, RB, Miami Dolphins

After a really promising week one where he earned himself the starting job in Miami and put up great fantasy numbers, Moreno suffered a dislocated elbow in week two that frustrated his owners and kept him off the field for three straight weeks. Finally returning last week against Green Bay, it now makes a fair amount of sense why his performance left a lot to be desired…

Moreno is out for the season with a torn ACL and has been placed in IR. The Dolphin’s backfield now belongs to Lamar Miller who’s put in some strong showing in Moreno’s absence and should continue to do so in a sketchy AFC East.

Keep your eye on…

The Eagles Defence…

Over the last three weeks the Eagles D has quietly placed itself as the number one defence in fantasy football. While the Eagles head into a bye this week so won’t have any immediate impact, it also means others are less likely to pick them up right now… maybe grab them while you can?

The Philidephia D has put up 20+ fantasy points in three straight weeks, as they’ve carried the load for a stuttering offence.

Beware however, the Eagles come out of their bye to face an Arizona team that know how to hold on to the football with some of the fewest offensive turnovers in the league, giving the Eagles D potentially few opportunities…

The DC Championship

Finally not a single team is left unscathed as Frankie Pankhurst’s RUMBLEFISH finally succumbed, being routed by John Winter’s Winter is Coming. Fandom’s Hernandez Hitmen have returned to .500 thanks to a return-to-form from Arian Foster. Entering week 7 the fantasy regular season reaches its half way point… Do the Hitmen have the firepower to push through to playoffs?

Fairyland Fighting Fairies

(Nick Wilson-Town)


118.74 71.14 Matty Ice Bucket Challenge

(Richard Penwright)

Winter Is Coming

(John Winter)

106.20 67.92 RUMBLEFISH

(Frankie Pankhurst)


Turn down for Watt

(Jon Goddard)


109.64 66.12 Manziel’s Money Man

(Nathan Sharrocks)

Hernandez Hitmen

(Sam Bloomfield)


109.28 74.64 Bantanamo Swagmeisters

(Thomas Snee)

Never Gonna Gibbs You Up

(Tommy Gibbs)


108.70 115.52 Asian Invasion

(Thomas Piachuad)


Rank Team W-L-T Pct Streak Waiv For Agst
North-South Central Conference
1 (1) Fairyland Fighting Fairies 5-1-0 .833 W1 8 637.46 528.62
2 (3) Winter Is Coming 4-2-0 .667 W3 6 594.08 566.82
3 (5) Hernandez Hitmen 3-3-0 .400 W1 10 592.20 586.12
4 (8) Turn down for Watt 2-4-0 .200 W1 3 562.66 539.60
5 (9) Never Gonna Gibbs You Up 1-5-0 .200 L1 2 528.28 599.42
Eastern-West United Kingdom Conference
1 (2) RUMBLEFISH 5-1-0 1 L1 7 552.20 488.20
2 (4) Asian Invasion 4-2-0 .667 W3 5 516.10 576.24
3 (6) Matty Ice Bucket Challenge 3-3-0 .500 L1 4 518.14 516.96
4 (7) Bantanamo Swagmeisters 3-3-0 .500 L2 9 480.54 474.36
5 (10) Manziel’s Money Man 0-6-0 0 L6 1 424.08 529.40