DC Sits Down With American Football United

University of Derby Head Coach Taylor Brown has recently launched new site American Football United – an in-depth training resource for players containing workouts, training plans, nutrition information and more. DC chatted with Taylor about the site and his contribution to developing the sport in the UK.

DC: So what’s AFU all about, in your own words?

Taylor Brown: AFU is a place athletes and coaches can go to find information on improving their game. It gives players drills, workout plans, articles for nutrition and acts as a hub for anything American Football. I consider myself an ambassador for the sport and it’s an extension of what I’ve been doing with the Braves and Falcons since arriving in the UK four years ago.

DC: What inspired you to create the site?

TB: My inspiration behind creating this was from seeing the current hunger and passion for the sport here in England. I have had many players asking me about how to improve on certain aspects of the game and decided to create a place for them to go, which provides instant access and users can also contribute to.

DC: What should someone expect from an AFU training plan?

TB: You would expect a plan with a lot of time, effort and experience invested into it. Our strength and conditioning coaches are all qualified and have experience training rugby, gymnastics and many other sports besides football. We also offer a free one week part of our program for people to sample.

DC: You’ve been around the game for a long time, playing since you were 7, is it something that you’ve developed from your own experience?

TB: Yes, the philosophy is directly related to that. I combined my experiences with the American Football and mixed it with qualified personnel to create a product that will progress the sport.

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DC: Speaking of progressing the sport, what’s your opinion of the state the game is in at the moment in this country, as an American coming in?

TB: Honestly, there is tons more passion for the sport out here. People play for the love of the game, and I think the community is wonderful! The culture everyone has created is something most people coming here to play would appreciate and admire like I do. The state is in a transition of out with the old and in with the new. They want to progress the sport, train up coaches and refs. However, player development is the one area that is difficult because many kids are learning the sport at such an old age. A bigger focus needs to be placed on youth if you want to compete on an international level.

DC You made your first foray into head coaching this year with Derby Braves and it didn’t exactly go to plan. How do you see the Braves going forward?

TB: As a coach it’s not an ideal start, especially in the top league. However, that was the most heart I have seen from a team. No matter the circumstances they battled and I’m proud of them considering most of them were rookies. The future of Derby is looking bright, I have a lot of returners who are hungry to compete and make a run back to the Premier.

DC: And finally, you’re part of the Leicester Falcons, going into their first Premier Division season in seven years. What are your thoughts on the coming season?

TB: It’ll be fun to see what we can do at the top. We’ve worked hard to get here and are excited to compete with the top competiton in the UK. A lot of people have worked hard to create this programme and to finally see the fruits is very rewarding for him I’m sure. However, we aren’t playing to be in the prem, we want to win it.

You can find AFU at www.afuhub.com