DC Writers Preseason Picks: BAFA National Leagues



Our writers – for the most part – can’t see past Merseyside Nighthawks being crowned divisional champs before making their way through the post-season on to a second National title in two years. If they keep can replicate their dominance from last year, is anyone in that division equipped to stop them? Nathan sees the divisional crown heading to Gateshead Senators (more on that later), with the Bowl ultimately being retained by Merseyside.




Our writers are far from unanimous about the SFC 1 division. Rob and Rich, perhaps showing a little bias, are rooting for the Birmingham Bulls to win the division and go on to Bowl success. Will years of Premier division experience count in their favour in 2015?

Meanwhile, Frankie and Kieran predict Solent Thrashers to beat out the rest of the division and continue the run to Bowl success. After a 10-0 regular season campaign in 2014, it would be difficult to argue against such a pick. Last year’s 8-2 Ouse Valley Eagles are favoured to win the division crown and the Bowl by Matthew, Jon and Nicky. Nathan continues to predict a different Bowl winner – choosing Hertfordshire Cheetahs – to his division winner.

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