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“Shock as Double Coverage positively discuss West Coast Trojans!” We’re sure Trojans HC Gary McNey is preparing the headline already, but in reality, it was a pretty easy choice in the NFC 2 North division. Both Aberdeen and Dundee won only a single game last year, Northumberland and Newcastle are new to BAFANL competition, and rumour has it that Glasgow are struggling for numbers.

More interestingly, 7 of our writers predictSandwell Steelers to win the South. After news of ex-Birmingham Lions players/staff filling roles within the club and its coaching staff reached us, it was a logical choice to make as Sandwell will become a far more drilled unit than last season. Couple that with a number of athletes either side of the ball, and it’s a recipe for success.

Manchester Titans seem to be the popular choice to seal the West crown, but Rob sees Staffordshire Surge as a viable contender, whilst – perhaps somewhat outrageously – Rich shoots from the hip and predicts new boys Halton Spartans to win the division. Time will tell…

When it comes to the Bowl game, the Trojans and Steelers are favoured amongst the team with 3 votes each, whilst the Titans receive 2 votes.




Three teams dominate the predictions in the SFC 2, with the London Blitz B squad unanimously chosen by all 8 writers to take home the East division. Could the Blitz dominate their division?

Sussex Thunder and Bristol Apache receive 7 votes each in the South and West divisions respectively. Rob breaks from the trend and plumped for Kent Exiles (7-3 record in 2014) in the South ahead of the returning Thunder, whilst opting for the Oxford Saints and their wonderful Alpha jerseys ahead of the Apache. Look good, play good. Right?

But what of our surprise picks?

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Rob Amor

Rob somehow fits Britball around a hectic life of work, newborns, and rare, blissful, moments of quiet in which to nap. Rob became Chairman of the Sandwell Steelers in September 2017. He leads DC's Adult league coverage and dabbles in a bit of BUCS. Follow him on Twitter - @RobAmorDC