DC’s TOTALLY UNOFFICIAL BUCS 18/19 Postseason Seedings

 Disclaimer and proviso: These are the seedings and fixtures as best as I can figure them. THEY ARE NOT OFFICIAL IN ANY WAY AND SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED AS SUCH. No seedings, fixtures, dates, venues, or methods of determining any of the following should be considered ‘confirmed’ until released by BUCS or its partners.

That said, following the crucial results from across the three tiers today, I’ve done my best to try to figure out who’s where in the three tiers of the University game when it comes to potential playoff football.

A number of things to bear in mind:

  • I cannot know if fixtures are going to be voided because teams don’t submit scores. This happened last year and threw everything out of whack. SUBMIT YOUR SCORES… and then submit them again for good luck, and then nag your opponents about it. Hourly.
  • I cannot know if unplayed fixtures across the leagues (of which there are a number) will be voided or awarded. There are at least a couple of instances where decisions here could potentially have a significant impact on seedings.

My tables, my math, and my understanding of BUCS regulations are all far from flawless. Further, as we’ve experienced over the past few seasons, even BUCS own interpretations of their regulations can vary from one season to the text… I’m just giving it my best shot to give coaches, players and fans some further insight into possible postseason matchups.

As with every season, I’m as eager to see the confirmed postseason matchups as you all are – but we’re not sure when they’ll be released either…

So buckle up, and read these seedings at your own peril!



Division Two North:

#1 – Leeds Gryphons (1st, 2.0 ALP, 1.20 APC)

#2 – Edinburgh Predators (1st, 1.67 ALP, 4.75 APC)

#3 – DMU Falcons (1st, 1.67 ALP, 9.5 APC)

#4 – Liverpool Raptors (2nd, 1.67 ALP, 4.50 APC)

#5 – MMU Eagles (2nd, 1.67 ALP, 7.83 APC)

#6 – Sunderland Spartans (2nd,  1.6 ALP, 8.4 APC)

#7 – Staffordshire Stallions (3rd, 1.33 ALP, 6.17 APC)

#8 – HWU Wolverines (3rd, 1.33 ALP, 10.83 APC)


Notes: Though we saw some big shifts following Sunday’s results, the North is fairly straightforward.


Predicted Matchups: 

  • Leeds Gryphons vs HWU Wolverines
  • Edinburgh Predators vs Staffordshire Stallions
  • DMU Falcons vs Sunderland Spartans
  • Liverpool Raptors vs MMU Eagles


Division Two South:

#1 – Essex Blades (1st, 2.0 ALP, 4-67 APC)

#2 – Worcester Royals (1st, 2.0 ALP, 10.5 APC)

#3 – UCL Emperors (1st, 1.43 ALP,  7.67 APC )

#4 – Bournemouth Bobcats (2nd, 1.71 ALP, 6.4 APC)

#5 – Sussex Saxons (2nd, 1.43 ALP, 7.0 APC)

#6 – Cambridge Pythons (2nd, 1.0 ALP, 11.5 APC)

#7 – KCL Regents (3rd, 1.43 ALP, 7.0 APC)

#8 – Bristol Barracuda (3rd, 1.43 ALP, 18.0 APC)


Notes: The South, particularly the 2A South, is messy. The 2A South has three teams sharing 5-2 records… and should Royal Holloway be awarded a win over BNU, that would make it FOUR. I’ve done my best to use the BUCS mini-league format, which gave the following:

UCL Emperors | 2-0
Sussex Saxons | 1-1
KCL Regents | 0-2

However, if Royal Holloway are awarded a fifth win, this would change to:

UCL Emperors | 2-1 | 8.67
RH Bears | 2-1 | 11.33 APC
Sussex Saxons | 1-2 | 11.33 APC
KCL Regents | 1-2 | 11.67 APC

The Bears would displace the Saxons down to #7, and the Saxons displace KCL out of the seedings entirely.

N.B. It’s ALSO worth noting that it’s possible BUCS might choose to interpret the Average League Points tiebreaker as being utilised within conferences, as well as between conferences.  In which case the Royal Holloway Bears, if awarded a win over BNU, would top out the 2A South with the higher ALP.

In the meantime…

Predicted Matchups: 

  • Essex Blades vs Bristol Barracuda
  • Worcester Royals vs KCL Regents
  • UCL Emperors vs Cambridge Pythons
  • Bournemouth Bobcats vs Sussex Saxons


Division One North:

#1 – Sheffield Hallam Warriors (1st, 16pts, 15.88 APC)

#2 -Newcastle Raiders (1st, 14pts, 7.57 APC)

#3 – Loughborough Students (1st, 12pts, 7.75 APC)

#4 – Coventry Jets (2nd, 12pts, 12.88 APC)

#5 – UCLan Rams (2nd, 10pts, 20.65 APC)

#6 – Edinburgh Napier Knights (2nd, 8pts, 6.14 APC)

#7 – NTU Renegades (3rd, 10pts, 15.25 APC)

#8 – Northumbria Mustangs  (2nd, 8pts, 13.63 APC) 


Notes: The most controversial part here is the 1A North, where we have three teams tied on four wins (8 League Points) and with overlapping head to heads. Thus, if I’m understanding the BUCS regs correctly this produces the following mini-league:

Edinburgh Napier Knights | 2-2 | 4.5 APC
Northumbria Mustangs | 2-2 | 15.5 APC
Hull Sharks | 2-2 | 21.75 APC

Thus, Edinburgh finish 2nd, Mustangs 3rd, and Hull miss out, despite having beaten Northumbria to round out their season!


Predicted Matchups:

  • Sheffield Hallam Warriors vs Northumbria Mustangs
  • Newcastle Raiders vs NTU Renegades
  • Loughborough Students vs Edinburgh Napier Knights
  • Coventry Jets vs UCLan Rams


Division One South:

#1 – Brunel Burners (1st, 14pts, 1.57 APC)

#2 – UEA Pirates (1st, 14pts, 6.63 APC)

#3 – Southampton Stags (1st, 14pts, 11.00 APC)

#4 – Kent Falcons (2nd, 12pts, 11.25 APC)

#5 – Exeter Demons (2nd, 10pts, 16.57 APC)

#6 – Surrey Stingers (2nd, 6pts, 12.86 APC)

#7 – Bath Killer Bees (3rd, 8pts, 16.88 APC)

#8 – QMBL Vipers (3rd, 8pts, 22.29 APC)


Notes: The South has a couple of bits worth looking at more closely.

As in the tier below, the 1A South is the troublemaker heading into the postseason, with three teams all at three wins each. Thus, I’ve done a mini-league of Surrey, Brighton and Reading, and produced the following:

Surrey Stingers | 2-1 | 11.0 APC
Reading Knights | 2-2 | 12.25 APC
Brighton Panthers | 1-2 | 16.33 APC

One issue here is Surrey/Brighton’s missing fixture. I’m unsure entirely how uneven schedule lengths might be accounted for here.

One other thing worth bearing in mind is QMBL’s currently unplayed game vs Imperial College. Should this be awarded in QMBL’s favour rather than voided, they would advance to #7 in the seedings.

Predicted Matchups:

  • Brunel Burners vs QMBL Vipers
  • UEA Pirates vs Bath Killer Bees
  • Southampton Stags vs Surrey Stingers
  • Kent Falcons vs Exeter Demons


  1. (N1) University of Nottingham (1st, 16 pts, 5.25 APC)
  2. (S1) UWE Bullets (1st, 12 pts, 16.75 APC)
  3. (S2) Swansea Titans (2nd, 10 pts, 14.88 APC)
  4. (N2) Leeds Beckett Carnegie (2nd, 10 pts, 15.75 APC)
  5. (S3) Birmingham Lions (3rd, 10 pts, 23.75 APC)
  6. (N3) Durham Saints (3rd, 8 pts, 14.13 APC)
  7. (N4) Stirling Clansmen (4th, 6pts, 19.88 APC)
  8. (S4) Hertfordshire Hurricanes (4th, 6pts, 20.57)


Notes: There is one top tier game unplayed – Hertfordshire vs Portsmouth. Should, for some reason, this be awarded to Hertfordshire, they would exchange places in the National Seedings with Stirling (but have no impact on the Regional Seedings).

Predicted Matchups:

  • University of Nottingham vs Hertfordshire Hurricanes
  • UWE Bullets vs Stirling Clansmen
  • Leeds Beckett Carnegie vs Birmingham Lions
  • Swansea Titans vs Durham Saints


There you go. That’s my best shot at it!

Spot any errors? Get in touch via the Facebook page or in the comments and I’m happy to be corrected – the important thing is getting as clear a picture as possible, as early as possible!

Just like the rest of you, I’ll be eagerly refreshing the BUCScore pages over the next few days, too!

Congratulations to the vast majority of teams are almost certainly locked into the playoffs, and good luck with your postseason preparations! 




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1