Diamond Series Returns for 2017


The 2017 Diamond Series is fast approaching and represents a fantastic opportunity for women to take part in 11-a-side contact football.

The Diamond series is a development event for female American football players in the UK. The Series is non-team specific and any woman is invited to take part. The competitive women’s leagues in 2017 only operate 5v5 and 7v7 matches, so the Diamond Series is a unique opportunity for females to play a full 11v11 version of the game. Unlike last year’s Diamond series, there is no selection process and everyone will be invited to take part in the final game day.

The Series will be three day-long events spanning over a six week period in August and September. The first two event days will be ‘practice days’ and a chance for participants to develop in their positional group. The third and final day will culminate in a full contact 11v11 game(s). The number of participants will dictate the number of teams on the final game day so everyone will have the opportunity to take part.

Day 1: 19th August @ Derby*

Day 2: 2nd September @ Derby*

Day 3: 16th September @ Leeds*

* These are provisional venues and are subject to change *

Players of any experience level are welcome as well as any women’s teams’ coaches wishing to take part. More information will be available via BAFA Women soon.

In other women’s football development news… The 5v5 league is potentially soon to be scrapped as teams are being encouraged to move up to the 7v7 format for Sapphire 2018. Ladies teams that competed in the 5’s version this year have been invited to take part in a ‘Topaz Tournament’ in November. This tourney is a non-mandatory trial for 5’s teams to test the waters with 7’s before committing to the change.

7’s is a big step up from 5’s and teams need to recruit both players and coaches to meet the demands of the format. The main difference for 7-a-side is the addition of more O line and D line players which adds a new dimension to the game. We hope to see the ladies teams successful in this transition and the introduction of a wholly 7v7 Sapphire league for 2018!

Keep your eyes peeled for registration links for this year’s Diamond Series via BAFA Women’s Football!