#Div2Finals | Division Two Bowl Game: Writer Picks

Full contact #Britball16 comes to a close today as the north and the south come together in Leeds to decide the final two pieces of silverware that can be earned while running face first into someone!

In the North we have two programmes who dominated their own conferences, and followed up by lighting up the postseason scoreboards, while in the south we have the unstoppable force of the Saints offence taking on the immovable object of the stingy Cats’ D.

Lets see who the #DCTeam are putting their money on:

Oxford Saints (10-0) vs Cambridgeshire Cats (7-3)

K/O 1200, John Charles Stadium, Leeds

Two very different stories for two very different teams coming into this match up.

The Saints are a programme on the rise – building their organisation off the field to bring development ON it. Narrowly pipped to the SFC2West conference crown last year due to inconsistent performances, they limped into the postseason and were lit up by a Sussex Thunder team that were taking no prisoners.

2016, and the Saints have one of the most consistent offences in the #Nation, built upon a blistering ground game that in turn allows for aerial opportunities. Through their eleven fixtures, regular and post-season, the Saints are averaging 43ppg scored, 10 conceded.

The Cats meanwhile spent most of the reason under the radar, as low-scoring outings and a 2-2 start to the season certainly didn’t give the Cats the appearance of a championship contender!

With a 7-3 record, the Cats had to wait until the final day of the regular season to find out whether they’d clinched a postseason birth, and many – including some at DC Towers – doubted their postseason credentials, so soon after the Cats bombed out of Division One with a winless 2015.

However, what more careful observers would have noticed was that the Cats three losses came by a combined FOUR points. This was a rebuilding team inches away from a perfect season!

Have the DC Team finally found some faith in the Cats, or is #NanaBritball gonna have some harsh words for the unbelievers once again?


Batten down the hatches and ensure all Elves are safely stowed in the overhead lockers! The Matriarch of southern Britball is NOT going to be pleased!

Voted eight to four underdogs in the quarters, the Cats took the Berkshire Renegades apart. A 5-5 split in the semis, the Cats completely shut down their own conference champs and turned over two regular season losses against the Hornets. You’d have thought the Cambridgeshire side would have accrued a few more backers by this point?

But no, even the likes of Rob and Nick (and Spoonie, who got his vote in too late) who backed the Cats through both previous playoff fixtures, have jumped ship now the Cats go up against the Saints. Their lone vote comes from Ollie, who’s clearly converted after wrongly backing the Cats’ opponents in the quarters and semis.

It might look like the team are thinking a one-sided affair, but many of the votes came with the proviso that they believe it’s going to be a close one – opting for the Saints’ based on their propensity for finding the end zone giving them the edge.


Oxford Saints 21-17 Cambridgeshire Cats


Leicester Falcons (10-0) vs Newcastle Vikings (9-1)

K/O 1600, John Charles Stadium, Leeds

What is there to say about the Falcons?

There is not a team in the league that had a more dominant season – #1 in the ‘Nation for points scored, #1 in the ‘Nation for least points conceded, the Falcons took flight this year, and barely broke stride once they hit the postseason either!

With a quintuple #50Burger regular season, the Falcons hit the playoffs with great momentum. So far they’ve blown both postseason opponents out of the water, with back-to-back playoff burgers, setting the bar at a surely unscaleable height?

Well, enter the Vikings. Following a surprise mid-season loss to the Aberdeen Roughnecks the Vikings clearly started sipping on the beserker juice and have pillaged their way across the northern teams ever since. Their average margin of victory since their loss? #50Burger!

High powered offences and stingy Ds, these two teams were clearly a cut above the basement tier this season – now lets see how each of them handle their first Div One calibre opponent!


With the greater consistency throughout their season, the majority of the staff have opted for the Falcons. While the Romans made the Falcons look somewhat vulnerable in the Semi-Finals, it’s important to remember the Romans weren’t exactly pedestrian on offence during the regular season either – taking the #3 spot in total and average points across all tiers in #Britball16. Even so, while they conceded more points in that one game than their entire regular season, it mattered not what with the Falcons putting a Burger on them!

Frankie and Nick have backed the Vikings all the way through the postseason and are staying loyal, while Ollie appears to have decided to learn from his wrong choices in the semis and opt for the teams that ousted his erroneous picks…

…or probably just #YOLO #UNDERDAWGS

Either way, there’s a clear majority in favour of the Falcons, and while everyone’s predicting a shoot out, our Falcons fans aren’t thinking it’s going to be a particularly close-run thing.

Leicester Falcons 32-24 Newcastle Vikings




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1