Division 2 play off teams confirmed

Division 2 playoff teams confirmed

Sunday, August 4, 2019

The D2 adult contact regular season has now come to an end and playoff teams are locked in! The rankings for the Division 2 playoffs are determined as follows:

– The three first-place teams are ranked #1 to #3
– The three seconds placed teams are tanked #4 to #6
– Then the best two third-ranked teams are ranked #7 and #8

Division 2 South overview

Based on final league positions the rankings for Division 2 South are:

  • Essex Spartans (#1)
  • South Wales Warriors (#2)
  • London Blitz B (#3)
  • Norwich Devils (#4)
  • Bournemouth Bobcats (#5)
  • Torbay Trojans (#6)
  • Bristol Apache (#7)
  • Ipswich Cardinals (#8)

Division 2 South confirmed quarter-final playoff games

  • Essex Spartans host Ipswich Cardinals
  • South Wales Warriors host Bristol Apache
  • London Blitz B host Torbay Trojans
  • Norwich Devils host Bournemouth Bobcats

The above games will be played on 11 August 2019, with the Division 2 semi-final being played the following week, on 18 August 2019. Semi-finalists are determined as follows:

Semi 1 = Highest-ranked remaining team hosts Lowest ranked remaining team
Semi 2 = Second highest remaining team hosts the (third) ranked remaining team

The winners of the semi-finals will play in the Division 2 South final, to take place during Britbowl weekend at New River Stadium in London on Saturday 31 August 2019 at 1200. They will also win promotion, playing in Division 1 South for the 2020 season.

In 2019 three teams were relegated from Division 1 South, due to the additional relegation of Ouse Valley Eagles who were issued with their second yellow card in two years. This means that there will be an additional promotion spot in 2019 which will be awarded to the highest-ranked losing semi-finalist.

Division 2 North overview

Looking at Division 2 North, the rankings are:

  • Birmingham Bulls (#1)
  • Halton Spartans (#2)
  • Clyde Valley Blackhawks (#3)
  • Lincolnshire Bombers (#4)
  • Inverclyde Goliaths (#5)
  • Leeds Bobcats (#6)
  • Dumfries Hunters (#7)
  • Staffordshire Surge (#8)

Division 2 North confirmed quarter-final playoff games

  • Birmingham Bulls host Staffordshire Surge
  • Halton Spartans host Dumfries Hunters
  • Clyde Valley Blackhawks host Leeds Bobcats
  • Lincolnshire Bombers host Inverclyde Goliaths

The above games will be played on 11 August 2019, with the Division 2 North semi-final will be played on 18 August 2019, and will be determined in the same way as for Division Two 2, as follows:

Semi 1 = Highest ranked remaining team hosts Lowest Ranked remaining team
Semi 2 = Second highest remaining team hosts the (third) ranked remaining teams

The winners of the semi-finals will secure promotion to Division 1 North and a place in the Division 1 North final to be played on Saturday 7 September 2019 at Druid Park, in Woolsington, Newcastle upon Tyne.




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