Employees told to leave 5 Star Reviews

Things were already looking bad for the developers of the new Gamepass service as questions continue to be asked about the reliability of their product.

The situation just got a whole lot worse in the past few days.  It came to light, that their employees were asked in an internal email to leave 5 star reviews.

The email was sent from Deltatre’s International Markets Managing Director, Stefano Rigat.

Here’s the important part of the memo:

“I am therefore asking you (and your relatives, family, friends – just spread the word!) to:

  • Download the app on Apple or Google stores (please ask for NFL Game Pass Europe – check the publisher is deltatre) in the store where you are registered (mainly Italy, UK and Germany)
  • Rate with five stars
  • Leave a meaningful (positive) comment. If you have nothing meaningful to say just write something like “Great app!!” or “Works really well”.

Important: the app offers In App Purchase – you don’t have to subscribe or to be a subscriber to be able to vote – you just need to download and rate!”

The NFL and the OverTier have been defending the product recently. This will certainly not help their credibility.

Today Deltatre (the App developer) issued the following statement:

“Deltatre apologises for the posting of positive reviews of its Game Pass Europe App.”

“We have taken swift action to remove the limited number of these reviews. We have also taken measures to improve our internal processes and increased oversight to ensure this does not happen again.”

“NFL Game Pass Europe is an important service to NFL fans outside the US and we are committed to delivering the best possible service to them.”

NFL executive vice president Mark Waller said in a statement on Friday:

“We are very disappointed that Deltatre employees were asked to post their own positive reviews.This activity is inconsistent with our own NFL values and behaviors and we have clearly communicated this to Deltatre. We are pleased by the swift action they have taken and are now focused on continuing to improve the service being offered to our fans.”

I address this situation and the ongoing issues relating to the new service in my recent article.