Exiles Tour Again – ‘Thundering Herd’ moves on to Mallorca Voltors

The Thundering Herd are a touring team made up of players and former players in the British and Irish National Leagues, with a few friends from Europe from time to time. The team was initially set up as the Ouse Valley Exiles for a one-off tour to Iceland to face the Reykjavik Einherjar; but the shared experiences on that trip and the friendships made meant that there was an overwhelming demand for another game, and to make this an annual trip.

Neale McMaster shares the lowdown on the Herd’s first outing, happening later this year:

Given that the trip will be an annual thing, and is run independently of BAFA and its member clubs, a change in name and logo was required. The name Thundering Herd was proposed and decided upon by the players, and the elephant logo created to represent the team moving forward.

After internal discussions, the team decided on Spain as the next venue, and it was the Einherjar who put us in touch with Juan from the Mallorca Voltors to discuss details of a game. With a few of our players playing for the Einherjar in the Voltors 30th Anniversary game last year, our players couldn’t speak highly enough of the Voltors organisation and the show they put on, so it was an obvious choice given the perfect location, and well-organised team.

This year, the touring party will be travelling to Mallorca on Thursday the 27th September, with the game taking place on Saturday evening. Afterwards, the teams will join for a meal and let the evening’s festivities carry on from there.

What will be different this year, and moving forward, is that each player is getting a customised jersey through Alpha Performance, where we will be able to #ReptheA in Mallorca. As always, the players and coaches are paying for trip and relevant insurances themselves, as, unfortunately, Spain is not a member of IFAF.

Our squad for this game comprised of the following 46 players, with 4 coaches:


  • #12 Nick Jacquet – London Warriors
  • #1 Tosan Memuduaghan – South Dublin Panthers

Running Backs

  • #44 Steven Hull – London Warriors
  • #22 Josh Polson – Dumfries Hunters
  • #34 Dwayne Watson – London Warriors
  • #5 Curtis Williston – Unaffiliated

Receivers / Tight Ends

  • #89 TJ Ajayi – Hertfordshire Cheetahs
  • #15 Joe Cameron – Portsmouth Destroyers
  • #11 Sean Douglas – Dublin Rebels
  • #8 Ian Jacquet – London Warriors
  • #14 Ash James – Birmingham Bulls
  • #33 Michael Kane – Carrickfergus Knights
  • #87 Krzysztof Kucharski – Ouse Valley Eagles
  • #7  Pete Loughran – Kouvola Indians
  • #13 Troy Mayer – Ouse Valley Eagles
  • #9 Deivydas Merkelis – Sheffield Giants

Offensive Line

  • #72 Sam Astley – Sandwell Steelers
  • #76 James Barber – Tamworth Phoenix
  • #57 Michael Briscoe – Merseyside Nighthawks
  • #55 Stuart Cooper – Ouse Valley Eagles
  • #67 Max Curran – Ouse Valley Eagles
  • #77 Stuart Gallagher – Unaffiliated
  • #66 Andrew Higgott – Chester Romans
  • #67 Mike Ireland – Unaffiliated
  • #60 John Leigh – Chester Romans

Defensive Line

  • #50 Tom Dedman – Ouse Valley Eagles
  • #97 Wayne Drew – Tamworth Phoenix
  • #47 Bryan Mullally – Ouse Valley Eagles
  • #38 Mark Murphy – Unaffiliated
  • #99 Mark Pagett – Unaffiliated
  • #52 Kyle Purewal – Wembley Stallions
  • #3 AJ Steadman – London Warriors
  • #56 Garvin Yarde – Ouse Valley Eagles


  • #20 Naiam Campbell – London Warriors
  • #4 Kalaba Chibwe – Ouse Valley Eagles
  • #40 Neil Graham – Belfast Trojans
  • #6 Gareth Pullen – Ouse Valley Eagles
  • #54 Carl Rugen – Merseyside Nighthawks

Defensive Backs

  • #29 Harry Rackham – Ouse Valley Eagles
  • #16 Jack Davis-Fletcher – Ouse Valley Eagles
  • #21 Daniel Hampton – Tamworth Phoenix
  • #23 Ryan Lloyd – Birmingham Bulls
  • #24 Samuel Obi – London Warriors
  • #2 Martin Bruniges-Andre – East City Giants
  • #19 Sam Busher – Sandwell Steelers
  • #17 Mike Turner – Ouse Valley Eagles
  • #26 Ishmael Simms – London Warriors




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1