Farnham Knight headed to NCAA Division One! Toby Lettman heads to TCU

Not all Britball stories we cover are positive but occasionally we get a really great one that should make all of us feel better about the potential of the sport here.

It is always nice to hear about former Britball players getting opportunities at smaller US Colleges – but rarely does that extend to a top level Division 1 school in one of the major conferences.

So hearing that former Farnham Knights Left Tackle Toby Lettman has landed a roster spot for the TCU Horned Frogs in the Big 12 Conference is simply great news.

Toby was at the Knights prior to leaving in August 2016 to join Saddleback Junior College in California.

We reported on his journey to the Gauchos at the time. The Juco opportunity came about after former Knights Head Coach Steve Rains (now with the Solent Thrashers) sent his contacts in the USA some highlight film of Toby in action for the Knights. Steve told us:-

“My friends in the States were immediately impressed with Toby’s film and although one top Division 1 school showed interest – the straight step from Britball to big time College in the States was considered too steep.

My friend Richie Wessman (former USC Trojans QB/Grad Assistant and Tennessee Titans Offensive Quality Assurance Coach) had taken a break from coaching but brought the film to the attention of Saddleback Junior College in his home State of California. They were impressed and Toby enrolled on an Economics course at Saddleback and played for the Gauchos in 2016.

That same Junior College had another Brit,  Menelik Watson,  for a year before he moved on to Florida State University and subsequently to the NFL with the  Oakland Raiders and now the Denver Broncos.

Of course there is no pressure on Toby to follow that same route – although clearly he would love to do so – just being involved as a Horned Frog is outstanding”

Toby is the son of Kenny Lettman who played for the Ealing Eagles, London Gators and then for the Knights under Steve Rains including their National Championship team in 2004 – sadly he died in 2008 when Toby was still young.

Britball legend Mark “Tango” Lockwood, now Head Coach at the Knights, taught Toby the fundamentals of Offensive Line play and, never having played any football before, Toby showed what a quick learner he is – something he clearly continued to demonstrate at the Gauchos.

Toby joins the Horned Frogs as a Junior which gives him two years to enjoy (and make an impact in) top level US College sports. We will keep an eye on his progress – in the meantime – this screen shot of the roster looks great :-

Roster image