Fixtures Updates | BUCS 18/19 Week Twelve

It’s the final week of the regular season… and boy is it going to be a hectic one! With the number of teams to have completed their schedules still in the minority, Week Twelve sees an absolutely stacked slate of fixtures, including a wealth of midweek appetisers ahead of a packed weekend of action!

Things kick off with four games on Wednesday, and barely slow down from there with fixtures each and every day between there and Sunday!

We’ll continually update this article as any information comes in relating to BUCS Week Twelve fixtures.

Aberystwyth forfeit to Lancaster citing low player numbers

Tarannau Aberystwyth will not make their trip to take on the Lancaster Bombers this Saturday, due to low player numbers leaving the committee feeling they had no choice but to forfeit the fixture.

This moves to the Bombers to 4-2 on the season, and well in the running for some postseason action depending on results this weekend.

Barracuda locked into playoffs following Gladiators’ withdrawal

We’ve received word that the Gloucestershire Gladiators will not contest this weekend’s fixture versus the Bristol Barracuda, due to injuries leading to low player numbers.

The walkover win advances Bristol to 5-2 on the season, guaranteeing them either the 7th or 8th seed in the South and ultimately scuppering the OBU Panthers’ chances of winning their way to playoffs this weekend.


Wednesday Fixtures:

Prem South: Hertfordshire Hurricanes vs Swansea Titans

Originally postponed in Week Nine, both teams will play two fixtures this week.

1A North: Edinburgh Napier Knights vs Glasgow Tigers

Lost to the awful weather in Week Nine. Last fixture of Glasgow’s season, one of two for the Knights in Week Twelve.

1A South West: Bath Killer Bees vs Cardiff Cobras

Yet another Week Nine casualty, the Bees and Cobras will square off on Wednesday before each closes out their campaigns with games on Sunday.

2A North: Lancaster Bombers v Edge Hill Vikings 

Originally scheduled for Week Four, then rejigged to Week Nine, and finally to get played this Wednesday with the venue swapped to Lancaster even though nominally a Vikings home game.


Thursday Fixtures:

1A South West: Southampton Stags v Exeter Demons

The Stags continue to scramble to complete their schedule, as this Week Nine fixture reappears on the slate as our second lot of Thursday Night Football for this BUCS season! Nominally an Exeter home game, it will instead be played in Southampton on this occasion.


Friday Fixtures:

2A South West: Oxford Lancers v OBU Panthers

The ‘Cavalier Bowl’ returns to the schedule after falling foul of the weather in Week Nine.


Saturday Fixtures:

Prem South: Birmingham Lions v Hertfordshire Hurricanes

As per the norm, the Lions will host their home game on a Saturday.

1A Yorkshire & Lancashire: UCLan Rams v Sheffield Sabres

An absolutely crucial clash between the Rams and Sabres, played on a Saturday as is usual for the Rams.

1A Midlands: NTU Renegades v Loughborough Students

As the Renegades hope to re-establish themselves as a playoff outfit, they’ll take on Midlands champs Loughborough to close out their regular season.


Rescheduled Fixures:

2A Midlands: Huddersfield Hawks v Lincoln Colonials

Postponed in Week Six, this fixture will take place on Sunday.

2A Midlands: DMU Falcons v Staffordshire Stallions

This game has huge implications for the shape of the 2A Midlands. Rescheduled following postponement in Week Nine.

2A South East: UEL Phoenix v ARU Rhinos

One of two postponed matchups between these two teams, they’ll at least get one of them crossed off this weekend… The fate of the other fixture? We’ll have to wait and see. Double-Header games are not permitted in the final week of the regular season per BUCS regs.


Other notable amendments:
  • The Week Nine clash between the Leeds Gryphons and Bradford Bears has been awarded as a walkover win to the Gryphons.


As we can see, there’s lots of changes to the schedule resurrecting fixtures lost earlier in the season, but we’re also aware of a number of fixtures we’ve seen no sign of just yet – and are thus at risk of being struck from the slate and, we assume, voided. If you have any information on the following unplayed fixtures and if any agreements have been meant in regards their resolution either on or off the field? We would appreciate if you got in touch with us via Facebook or at

Week Three: BNU Buccaneers v Royal Holloway Bears (Probably a walkover?)

Week Five: Edinburgh Napier Knights v Newcastle Raiders

Week Five: Lancaster Bombers v Tarannau Aberystwyth

Week Nine: Surrey Stingers v Brighton Panthers (Hearing this will be voided?)

Week Nine: Imperial Immortals v QMBL Vipers

Week Nine: York Centurions v Sunderland Spartans

Week Nine: Chester Legion v Huddersfield Hawks (Currently scheduled for 3 March?)

Week Nine: ARU Rhinos v UEL Phoenix

Week Ten: Reading Knights v Brunel Burners

Week Ten: Portsmouth Destroyers v Hertfordshire Hurricanes

Week Ten: Chichester Spitfires v Royal Holloway Bears



BAFRA have requested teams to please ensure they keep the Referees Association aware of any and all changes to fixtures as the season progresses. Teams can contact  

For more BAFRA Contact information please visit





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