Former GB Lion Speaks Out About Mental Health Issues In Britball

Polly Drew is a former starting Centre for the GB Lions Women’s American Football team. She played with the Birmingham Lions, then the Derby Braves.

Following a number of incidents between Polly and team mates during an admitted mental-health relapse, Polly initially received a one year ban from from all BAFA events and teams. Polly has maintained this ban was based upon false accusations and following a lengthy appeal process the ban was overturned.

It should be noted that following the accusations released by UKGM regarding the BAFA Women’s GB Lions last month, Polly reached out to as well as other amateur American Football media outlets. Having sought advice DC decided we would not be able to proceed with coverage of Polly’s story due to the complicated nature of the topics involved.

However, now the information has been released and is rapidly spreading through the community, we feel DC has a responsibility to keep the British American Football Community as up to date with current events as possible.

Polly has shared a number of accusations and concerns about the GB Lions women’s programme and the British American Football Association.

As ever, DC would urge the community towards patience and remember that only some of the information relating to this unfortunate situation has been shared. Understandably there is a lot of information Polly has left out, much of which is personal and confidential and should be considered very sensitive considering the mental health issues raised.

DC have reached out to Coach Messenger and BAFA for comment and are waiting to hear back.

Perhaps the important thing to bear in mind from this situation is that mental health issues are rife throughout our society and therefore also within our sporting community.

You can learn more about Bipolar Affective Disorder at the links below:

If you have your own concerns about mental health issues within the British American Football Community you can contact BAFA’s Safeguarding officer, Marlene Price, at





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