Game Day Skinz Camp – Q&A With Coach Darin Slack

Following the announcement of a limited number of one-day tickets available for the event, DC are able to share a Q&A with Coach Darin Slack, who’ll be leading the Quarterback development throughout this weekend of balling.

Coach Slack has pioneered a new way to serve coaches and athletes through specialized sports training using a biomechanically sound, revolutionary skills system developed over 25 years. Having trained over 40,000 coaches and athletes through his National Football Academies and other training clinics, he has positioned himself among the best teachers of QB fundamentals and leadership in the world.

Image result for darin slackWhat do you find most enjoyable about coming back to the UK?

I most enjoy connecting with the QBs who’ve attended our camps and watching their improvement since the last time I came. One thing I’ve always appreciated is the enthusiasm for coaching demonstrated by everyone who attends. It’s a privilege to share some of my 30 years of QB development experience with such motivated players and coaches.


What are you looking forward to most about the camp?

In addition to our already powerful C4 and R4 mechanics and reads systems, we have some brand-new material in our F4 system to share with all the QBs and coaches that is making a huge difference in the explosiveness of the QBs in both movement and throwing. It will tremendous help to every level of QB and coach.

What do you hope attendees will get from the camp?

I hope they will not only be affected by the mechanics of the camp, but also the all-important leadership aspect that we include. We understand what we do is only a part of these athletes lives, so we hope to make a bigger splash than just football in their lives. For coaches, I hope they can come away with better ways to accelerate learning and teaching to better use the limited time they have to install concepts and mechanics.

How would you rate the standard of the UK players you’ve worked with?

It’s difficult to fairly rate them against any standard except the last time I saw each of them… each time, I’ve seen dramatic improvements in each of the players and that’s what we hope to see again from those who attend.

What improvements do you think you’ve made for what’s now your third UK camp?

I believe we are really beginning to get the “buy-in”, from coach and QB, to the accelerated learning that occurs with our mechanics teaching. There’s a visible improvement in each player in such a short time, and the ability to coach and improve defensive recognition speed. We are seeing more QBs and coaches trust what we are bringing them. I can see the challenge in trusting an American QB coach who only appears to be in this for money and a vacation as some may assume. However, when they see what they are getting for what they are paying, I believe they are seeing the value is significant greater than the fee.

Does it matter what systems a player runs when attending your camp?

Absolutely not. We are teaching bedrock mechanics and mental processes that service any system, anywhere, at any time. It’s critical for coaches and QBs to understand that we are not promoting “A way” of doing offense, we are building QBs and coaches who can execute more efficiently whilst self-correcting, instead of self-destructing.

What sort of experience level is the camp suitable for?

We can take young athletes as young as 13-15, up to as old as still playing. You never stop learning, and this content will make any player, at any level, better, faster. I loved the fact last year out of the 30 players I got to work with we had players from 9 to 39, with a large number of female athletes too which was brilliant to see in the UK game.

What most excites you about what you do?

The privilege of serving athletes and coaches in this greatest of games with content that will give them a measurable competitive advantage in each phase. In addition, we get the honor of impacting their leadership as people in a positive way, and we know that will carry over into their lives.

Darin, can you explain a bit more about the new F4 content?

We have partnered with Rob Williams, Sportcore Performance, a Canadian kinesiologist and movement coach, who helped us build an explosive movement and power system for QBs. Many young QBs and coaches lack the specific knowledge to tap into the “power centers” of the body for movement and mechanics. By using our systemized approach in F4, coupled with his vast knowledge of proper bio-mechanics, together we’ve developed an easy-to-understand process for unlocking power that is adding an average of 8-10 yards to QB’s throws, and improving QB first step explosiveness dramatically. This will be incorporated into our normal mechanics teaching that is already helping with accuracy and consistency. This will be a whole new level of felt-power.


Tickets for the camp are just £103 for Quarterbacks/Receivers and £68 for defensive players for the two days. Coach observation spots are also available at £37.50. Alternatively there are a limited number of day tickets available for the Saturday – priced at £55 for Quarterbacks/Receivers, £35 for defensive players and £25 for Coaches wishing to observe.

More information on the camp and coaches Slack and Vandagriff can be found on the Game Day Skinz website and we at DC will also be sharing more info about this exciting opportunity over the next week, including Q&A with the star coaches themselves!

Tickets are available through Eventbrite at




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