Gamepass New Year Offer

In addition to the inevitable post-Christmas diet, the traditional celebrations culminate with a blow out on New Year’s Eve.

Well this year, if you are an NFL fan, there are 16 reasons to do your drinking at home as Gamepass has a special offer.

Gamepass is making us all a little thankful with a great offer for those who haven’t yet purchased their all you can eat product.

For this week only, for £2.99 you can buy a weekly pass that will give you a bumper bundle of games that include all the games on New Year’s Eve.

Whilst having the live games is great, Gamepass also gets you a load of other content including live NFL Network, Redzone and tons of archived shows like Hard Knocks.

Get it here.

Here’s a full list of the New Year’s Eve Games:

Sunday, December 31