Gamepass Thanksgiving Offer

In addition to turkey with all the trimmings, the traditional celebration of America’s Thanksgiving is football.

This week Gamepass are making us all a little thankful with a great offer for those who haven’t yet purchased their all you can eat product.

For this week only, for £2.99 you can buy a weekly pass that will give you a bumper bundle of games that include the Thanksgiving day games:

  • Vikings at Lions
  • Chargers at Cowboys
  • Giants at Redskins

You’ll also get All this coming Sundays’ games as well as Monday Night Football.

Alternatively, if Thanksgiving isn’t your thing you can wait to purchase until Friday and pull in next Week’s Thursday Night Football fixture of Redskins Vs Cowboys.

Here’s Sky’s promo to whet your appetite.

Whilst having the live games is great, Gamepass also gets you a load of other content including live NFL Network, Redzone and tons of archived shows like Hard Knocks.

Get it here.