GB Lions Women’s 2018 Practice Squad Announced

BAFA Women’s Football have announced the GB Lions Women’s Practice Roster for 2018.

GB Head Coach Jim Messenger shared:

“This year’s Diamond Series has demonstrated the depth of the gifted players we have within BAFA women’s football. This selection of a large practice squad will allow us to provide high-quality 11 a-side experience through the next twelve months and develop a a great team for the 2019 European Championship.”

Great Britain Women’s Team News:

After a very successful 2018 BAFA Diamond Series, the Great Britain Women’s team has now issued invitations to the following players to attend Practice Squad and further trials events in July and August as the programme towards preparation for the Women’s European Championships 2019 gets under way:

Sydney Green, QB (Sandwell Steelers)

Elizabeth Bush, QB (Yorkshire Rams)

Lucy Peaty, QB (Leeds Chargers)

Natalie Parker, QB (Birmingham Lions)

Emma Taylor, QB (Teesside Steelers)

Sian Kersse, RB (Manchester Titans)

Ashleigh Aiston, RB (Birmingham Lions)

Josephine White, RB (Oxford Saints)

Ruth Matta, RB (Birmingham Lions)

Antoinette Morgan, RB (Birmingham Lions)

Sarah Miller, RB (Kent Exiles)

Angela Sowerby, RB (Wembley Stallions)

Gabrielle Knops, RB (Leeds Chargers)

Laura Stevens, RB (Derby Braves)

Clare Davis, WR (Hertfordshire Tornadoes)

Stephanie Warren, WR (Leeds Chargers)

Ruth Lewis, WR (Cardiff Valkyries)

Emily Mullen, WR (Edinburgh Wolves)

Hannah Pye, WR (Birmingham Lions)

Sarah Glassborow, WR (Hertfordshire Tornadoes)

Kimberley Tsiga, WR (Birmingham Lions)

Siobhan Walker, WR (London Warriors)

Lauren Drewett, WR (Kent Exiles)

Grace Hillbourn, WR (Kent Exiles)

Rachel Trim, WR (Birmingham Lions)

Jessica Anderson, WR (Hertfordshire Tornadoes)

Lucy Moss, WR (Portsmouth Dreadnoughts)

Laura Dye, OL (Leeds Chargers)

Monica Lewinska, OL (Oxford Saints)

Danielle Raymont, OL (Derby Braves)

Aimee Wilson, OL (East Kilbride Pirates)

Venessa Mansaray, OL (London Warriors)

Iesha Martin, OL (Birmingham Lions)

Amber Norbury, OL (Staffordshire Saxons)

Kayleigh Whybrow, OL (Leeds Chargers)

Michelle Gwynne, OL (Birmingham Lions)

Jakki Duncan, OL (Teesside Steelers)

Mariette Hughes, OL (Birmingham Lions)

Lucy Mott, OL (Hertfordshire Tornadoes)

Ellie Prendergast, OL (Leeds Chargers)

Jade Leighton, OL (Leeds Chargers)

Rebecca Martin, DL (Hertfordshire Tornadoes)

Racheal Moody, DL (Edinburgh Wolves)

Lisa Thomas, DL (Leeds Chargers)

Ashleigh Bell, DL (Edinburgh Wolves)

Katie Carrol, DL (Birmingham Lions)

Yasmin Cazeau, DL (London Warriors)

Delta Npuna, DL (Wembley Stallions)

Aimee Cottingham, DL (Birmingham Lions)

Vicci Rollinson, DL (Hertfordshire Tornadoes)

Ellie Partington, DL (Manchester Titans)

Jayne Meadows, DL (London Warriors)

Charlotte Fox, LB (Peterborough Royals)

Zoe John, LB (Cardiff Valkyries)

Kirsty McIntyre, LB (Kent Exiles)

Natalie Sleeman, LB (Teeside Steelers)

Victoria Law, LB (Birmingham Lions)

Libby Davoren, LB (Sandwell Steelers)

Robyn Steward, LB (Leeds Chargers)

Megan Brown, LB (Oxford Saints)

Laura Moore, LB (Birmingham Lions)

Phoebe Schecter, LB (Birmingham Lions)

Charyle Mercer, LB (Portsmouth Dreadnoughts)

Naomi Harryman, DB (Leeds Chargers)

Amanda Humphrey, DB (Hertfordshire Tornadoes)

Joanne Mann, DB (Leeds Chargers)

Harriet Amiss, DB (Portsmouth Dreadnoughts)

Eloise Walsh, DB (Manchester Titans)

Caley Parnell, DB (Birmingham Lions)

Nancy Stone, DB (Birmingham Lions)

Laura Harbottle, DB (Leeds Chargers)

Elleanor O’Connell, DB (Cardiff Valkyries)

Stephanie Palmer, DB (Sandwell Steelers)

Siobhan Henry, DB (Teesside Steelers)

Julia Robinson, DB (Derby Braves)

Collette Wong, DB (Derby Braves)




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