GB Lions Women’s Roster Announced for 2019 IFAF European Championships

The British American Football Association have announced the GB Lions Women’s Roster ahead of this summer’s IFAF Women’s European Championships hosted in Leeds’ John Charles Stadium 12-17 August.


2019 GB Lions women’s contact squad announced

Sunday, June 30, 2019

The GB Lions women’s contact squad for the 2019 Women’s IFAF European Championship finals in Leeds has been revealed.

The tournament will take place at the South Leeds Stadium, John Charles Centre for Sport, Leeds, UK from 12-17 August 2019.

Head Coach Jim Messenger said:

“Going all the way back to Diamond Series 2018, this has been the longest and most thorough selection process we have been through with over 150 athletes trialling.

The selected team is a strong mix of veterans from previous campaigns in Canada and Spain and excellent new blood that will drive the continued success of the team for years to come.

We are very grateful to all those who have supported the GB Women’s programme over the last year and provided the chance to enter this tournament on a strong footing.”

2019 GB Lions women’s contact squad
  • Amis, Harriet (DB) London Warriors
  • Anderson, Jessica (WR) Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Bell, Ashleigh (DL) Edinburgh Wolves
  • Bush, Elizabeth (QB) Leeds Carnegie Chargers
  • Cazeau, Yasmin (OL) Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Cottingham, Aimee (DL) Birmingham Lions
  • Davies, Clare (WR) Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Davoren, Libby (DL) Sandwell Steelers
  • Drewett, Lauren (WR) Kent Exiles
  • Dye, Laura (OL) Birmingham Lions
  • Green, Sydney (QB) Birmingham Lions
  • Gwynne, Michelle (OL) Birmingham Lions
  • Harbottle, Laura (DB) Leeds Carnegie Chargers
  • Henry, Siobhan (DB) Teesside Steelers
  • Hughes, Mariette (OL) Birmingham Lions
  • Humphrey, Amanda (DB) Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Kersse, Sian (RB) Manchester Titans
  • Law, Victoria (LB) Birmingham Lions
  • Lewinska, Monica (DL) Oxford Saints
  • Lewis, Ruth (WR) Cardiff Valkyries
  • Mann, Joanne (DB) Leeds Carnegie Chargers
  • Mansaray, Vanessa (OL) London Warriors
  • Martin, Iesha (OL) Birmingham Lions
  • Martin, Rebecca (DL) Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Matta, Ruth (RB) Birmingham Lions
  • Meadows, Jayne (LB) London Warriors
  • Miller, Sarah (RB) Kent Exiles
  • Moody, Rachel (DL) Edinburgh Wolves
  • Morgan, Antoinette (RB) Birmingham Lions
  • Mott, Lucy (OL) Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Norbury, Amber (OL) Sandwell Steelers
  • Npuna, Delta (DL) London Warriors
  • Parnell, Caley (LB) Birmingham Lions
  • Peaty, Lucy (LB) Leeds Carnegie Chargers
  • Pilkington, Bethany (LB) Leeds Carnegie Chargers
  • Schecter, Phoebe (LB) Birmingham Lions
  • Steward, Robyn (LB) Leeds Carnegie Chargers
  • Stone, Nancy (DB) Birmingham Lions
  • Taylor, Emma (QB) Leeds Carnegie Chargers
  • Walker, Siobhan (WR) London Warriors
  • Walsh, Eloise (LB) Manchester Titans
  • Ware, Victoria (DL) Sandwell Steelers
  • White, Josephine (RB) Oxford Saints
  • Wilson, Aimee (OL) East Kilbride Pirates
  • Young, Anna (DB) Wembley Stallions




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