GB Lions World Championships 2017 Roster Analysis

BAFA Women’s Football last night announced the GB Lions squad that will head to Canada this summer to take their first ever shot at clinching the World Championship! 

To those familiar with the British Women’s game, many of the names will be familiar as the top ‘ballers from across the Nation step up once more to play for their country!

Of the squad that put in a dominant performance against Spain last September, 36 of the squad return, with three rookies to the GB Lions roster stepping up to the plate.

Stars of the roster return, including Jo Kilby, Ruth Matta, and Phoebe Schecter. Sapphire Series Division One MVP, Becky Martin, sits at the core of the Defensive Line – will she be taking some special reps on the offence too following such a successful Sapphire campaign ironwomanning both side of the ball? The Manchester Titans get their first roster spot in 2 years as Sian Kersse follows a strong season in Division One North after a year out of football. The coaching staff is largely unchanged from the Spain match in 2016 with just the addition of Brett Rosenbaum as LB coach which should free up DC James Branagh to oversee the Defence more comprehensively. With talent across the board and the foundations set by the nations top three teams this is a strong Lions team heading to Canada.

Lions continue to lead the way in making up more than a quarter of the GB roster, while the Warriors slowly increase their share after a promising first series in the top tier...
Lions continue to lead the way in making up more than a quarter of the GB roster, while the Warriors slowly increase their share after a promising first series in the top tier…


  • Sydney Green – Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Joannah Kilby – Birmingham Lions
Running Backs
  • Stephanie De Haven – Birmingham Lions
  • Sian Kersse – Manchester Titans
  • Gabrielle Knops – Leeds Carnegie Chargers
  • Melissa Leng-Adams – London Warriors
Wide Receiver
  • Jessica Anderson – Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Jennifer Cooper – Birmingham Lions  (Rookie)
  • Clare Davies – Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Sarah Glassborow – Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Ruth Matta – Birmingham Lions
  • Hannah Pye – Birmingham Lions
Offensive Line
  • Rebecca Butler – Leeds Carnegie Chargers  (Rookie)
  • Laura Dye – Leeds Carnegie Chargers
  • Michelle Gwynne – Birmingham Lions
  • Lucy Mott – Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Ellie Prendergast – Leeds Carnegie Chargers
  • Danielle Raymont – Derby Braves
  • Lindsey Robson – Derby Braves
  • Aimee Wilson – East Kilbride Pirates


Defensive Line
  • Aimee Cottingham – Birmingham Lions
  • Monica Lewinska – Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Rebecca Martin – Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Rachael Moody – Edinburgh Wolves
  • Vicci Rollinson – Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Lisa Thomas – Leeds Carnegie Chargers


  • Amanda Humphrey – Hertfordshire Tornadoes
  • Lucy Kirk – Birmingham Lions
  • Victoria Law – Birmingham Lions
  • Jayne Meadows – London Warriors
  • Charyle Mercer – Portsmouth Dreadnoughts
  • Laura Moore – Birmingham Lions
  • Phoebe Schecter – Birmingham Lions
  • Robyn Steward – Leeds Carnegie Chargers
Defensive Backs
  • Sophie Etheridge – Birmingham Lions
  • Naomi Harryman – Leeds Carnegie Chargers  (Rookie)
  • Siobhan Henry – Teesside Steelers
  • Joanne Mann – Leeds Carnegie Chargers
  • Julia Robinson – Derby Braves
  • Lucie Stewart – London Warriors
  • Nancy Stone – Birmingham Lions
  • Collette Wong – Derby Braves




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1