Good Week / Bad Week

Good Week

Gloucestershire Gladiators R

  1. Gloucestershire Gladiators

It has been more than just a good week for the Gladiators; it has been a great fortnight. The Glads’ knocked off Western new boys the Bournemouth Bobcats this week, having casually wiped aside pre-season division favourites Bristol Barracuda. Gloucestershire can now cement themselves as title front-runners with a win over Plymouth this weekend.


2. Chichester Spitfires

Now be honest, who thought the Spitfires would knock off the Stags this week? The lone wolf who thought it might happen in DC Towers took a storm of shellacking from the rest of the prediction team and one would wager not many other people out there saw this happening! Chichester were put on toast in 2014/15; conceding 290 points in just the 5 measly games played however, this year’s reconnaissance mission has started off on a strong foot for the Spitfires.

Glasgow Tigers

3. Glasgow Tigers

The Tigers’ are on the prowl! Perfect after 4 games, the Tigers appear to have established dominance over in the catchily named ‘Scottish/Northern 1A’ division. The Tigers won a catfight against Sunderland, edging out their closest rivals in a 0-6 away victory. With the Raiders and Mustangs knocking blocks off each other, the Tigers look to be one more win against the Spartans away from a title crown, which is enough cause to make this a good week for the Glaswegians.