Good Week / Bad Week

Good Week

Honorable mentions: Bath Killer Bees (for pushing the Lions a lot closer than the 9-27 score line suggested)

  1. Warwick Wolves 

The Wolves showed they have the juice to make the Midlands 1A a very intriguing division. The Wolves beat the University of Nottingham on Wednesday night 32-34, keeping enough breathing room between the two teams throughout to hold on to a valuable win. The Wolves now have wins against both Nottingham teams, which puts them into a strong position coming out of the holiday break, a position that they have been craving for some time.

  1. First Ever Wins 

Getting that first W is a pursuit that can take some teams many years. DC know this only too well, with a clutch of Worcester Royals Alums on the staff. So, when two teams get their first ever W, in their first ever season, in the same week as one another, it is certainly something worth drawing some attention to. Those victorious teams were the Liverpool Raptors who knocked over the Keele Crusaders and the UEL Titans who snuck past LSBU Spartans; a historic week for these two fledgling clubs and leaving only one rookie programme without a win so far this year.

  1. The Running Clock

The running clock was in full force this week, getting game time up and down the UK. Each of the Gladiators, the Rams, the Titans and the University of Nottingham got into the festive spirit and put up 50 or 60 burgers up against their substandard opponents. For those teams facing a rout the running clock is their friend. For Tarannau Aberystwyth, the rolling clock seems to be one of their best friends. That came down to stay ‘for a night or two’, but now seems to have turned Aber’s lounge into a bedroom. And is throwing their laundry in with Aber’s now too… Crafty running clock.