Good Week / Bad Week – BUCS Week Seven

Good Week 

Honorable mentions: Leeds Becket / Carnegie / College / University? / Met who emphatically swept aside the Hawks to get their fourth win in their last four games.

  1. Plymouth Blitz 

The Blitz managed to cling on in an epic encounter with divisional rivals Bristol Barracuda to take them to 5-0 on the season and place any hopes Bristol had of taking the title in the Western 2A out of their control – requiring the Gladiators to topple Plymouth and ‘Cuda to win out for Bristol to see a postseason. The two teams exchanged three TDs a piece across three quarters in an eventful game, which looked to have been turned on its head after ‘Cuda recovered a safety to take them 22-24 up, and Plymouth’s QB1 limped off the field with a rather wonky ankle meaning Plymouth’s back up had to close out the game. As it so often does in these close games, special teams proved to be a key factor as the Blitz got stellar field position from a botched Bristol punt and were able to punch it in and hold out for a fine W.

  1. Greenwich Mariners 

Pretty much every week the Mariners get a fairly nondescript win by a score or two that is hidden away in the depths of Division Two BUCS football and no one bats an eyelid. So, with there not being many games this week and many that did take place lacking drama and divisional significance, this seemed to be the perfect opportunity to highlight another good, if slightly tedious, week and result for the Mariners, putting up a 12-0 win over rookie outfit UEL Titans.  Congratulations Greenwich!