Good Week / Bad Week

Bad Week

Dishonourable Mention: Bath Spa (games getting postponed post Christmas does not leave you very long to fulfill your fixture list…)

1. Westminster Dragons

0-1 to LSBU this week can only mean one thing; the second forfeited loss this year for Westminster. This club which appears to fizzing out without a puff of smoke as numbers dwindle and it looks ever so likely that the Dragons are about to *puff* and disappear out of the league.

Lack of practice time and poor attendance can be thrown into the ring as excuses for poor results with this week’s round of games coming in close proximity to University exam season, but an inability to field a team, now for the second time, begs the question of how long do the Dragons have left as a BUCS team?

2. Brunel Burners

Brunel got burnt, smoked and torched by the Portsmouth Destroyers in a comprehensive 0 to 34 blow out that has put the cat among the pigeons in the South 2A. The Burners by all accounts did not have the best of preparation leading up to this game, but just got beaten up in the trenches by a Destroyers team who found a way to completely nullify the Burners’ run game. Call it a blip for Brunel if you like but this is a big loss with that top spot being so highly sort after across the bottom tier of BUCS football.