Good Week / Bad Week

Good Week

Notable mention: Plymouth Blitz (the Blitz ticked the box as predicted and take the Western 2A, their first Division Title in their sixteen year existence)

1. Sheffield Sabres

Serious props to the Sabres this week! The Sabres have found themselves highlights of the Bad Week segment on a couple of times this season having struggled to live up to the expectations of a relegated premier team. However, this week, QB Jacob Hardy picked apart Leeds Carniegie’s secondary, leading the team to a 28-12 victory against the number two team in the division and putting the Sabres back into playoff wildcard contention. A fitting end to an emotional week for everyone connected to the Sabres.

2. Birmingham Lions

By no means on the same level of good-weekiness as the aforementioned Sabres, but this week has also been a difficult one for a number of people who are part of the Lions organisation. After putting up lacklustre performance against Imperial the Lions bounced back on the field this past weekend; stacking up 41 points on the Bath Killer Bees and providing the sort of powerhouse performance that we have come to expect from a team that intends to challenge for the championship once again.

3. Northumbria Mustangs

The Mustangs slapped a big fat fifty burger on the Lancaster Bombers this week to strengthen their standing in the Scottish/Northern 1A. After beating the Sunderland Spartans in week ten, and the Newcastle Raiders returning the favour this week, the Mustangs have a shot at a wild card playoff spot going into the last two weeks of the year.

On another important note: The Mustangs ‘NFL-twitter-gif-game’ is also on point