Good Week / Bad Week – BAFA NL 2018 Week Sixteen


Dishonourable mentions
  • Sure, they’ve reached the post-season, but Norwich Devils will square up against London Blitz B in the opening round, a team that just beat them 14-64 on Sunday…
  • A 3-0 start falls to 5-4 for the Yorkshire Rams, and no playoff football.
  • A winless season for Leeds Bobcats following the loss to Gateshead, foreshadows an immediate return to Division Two.
  • They may not have taken to the field this weekend, but it was still a rough Sunday for the Crewe Railroaders who saw their playoff berth snatched away from them at the final hurdle by the Lincolnshire Bombers. Just to rub some salt in the wound, they were even initially listed as having made the playoffs in an erroneous initial league email!



The Sentinels completed their ‘imperfect’ season with a 6-44 home loss against the Furness Phantoms, a side that had lost all four of its last games that weren’t against Carlisle. Mustering up just 18 points all season, and with low roster numbers from start to finish, a lot of work is required in the off-season to improve their fortunes going forward. At least they’re not the *worst* team in Britball. That dubious honour goes to…



The Conquerors took a 0-72 hammering at the hands of the playoff-bound Portsmouth Dreadnoughts at the weekend. Their points for on the season? 12 (averaging 1.7 per game). Points against? A whopping 452 (averaging 64.5). Will the postponed game against Swindon go ahead? If so, there stands a real chance Hastings will surpass 500 points conceded through an eight-game season. In the year where the ‘tactical forfeit’ became a thing, credit to the guys for showing up week in, week out, when other teams fell to the wayside, but you’ve to think there’s a clock over the Conquerors time in the league if they can’t find a way to put in some more convincing performances going forwards.



An imperfect season for the Raptors was also confirmed this weekend, following the 24-40 home loss against Worcester Black Knights. However, the Raptors did make games more competitive down the stretch, improving on their early-season form that saw them outscored 124-20 in their opening three games. There final three? Outscored 80-50. With a swanky new home announced for 2019, the south coast side are certainly making some progress in the right direction at least.




Rob Amor

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