Good Week / Bad Week – BAFA NL 2018 Week Twelve


Dishonourable mentions

  • You promise Torbay Trojans top billing on Good Week if they beat South Wales, and what do they do?… That said, even with the loss, it looks like the Trojans will see their first postseason trip since returning to the league (assuming at least two teams from each conference get a postseason) thanks to the Wyvern’s tied game with the Black Knights.
  • Another shutout loss moves Leeds Bobcats one step closer to the relegation trap door
  • [generic Maidstone Pumas lose heavily comment]



They’re still not mathematically relegated from the Premier, but the Pirates’ defeat to Merseyside – leaving just the return fixture and a LOOOOONG journey to the ‘Nix on the schedule – all but sends them down. Considering their standing in the Premier for so long, the Facebook score updates read like a funeral procession, accepting their fall into the middle tier for 2019. Add on losses for both their previously undefeated U19 side, and a narrow-title-deciding-defeat for their Under 17s? And it was a weekend of rough sailing for the Pirates in Week Twelve.



It’s been a tough ol’ season for the Mavericks. 0-7 heading into the game against Kent Exiles, their fate was sealed, with a 48-0 hammering cementing the Mavs’ return to the third tier – with two games still on the schedule – just a year after their promotion.



In a week where the Jets didn’t even play, they still feature in Bad Week owing to the outcome of the cancelled Steelers vs Mustangs encounter from last week. BAFA have ruled in favour of a 0-0 tie, meaning Coventry need to not only overcome the Mustangs by more than 19 points, but they’ll also need a tie or a win against either Sandwell or Shropshire. The odds are not in their favour…



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