Good Week / Bad Week – BAFA NL 2018 Week Two


Dishonourable mentions;

  • Manchester Titans took a hammering at home in their Premier debut…but it was against the reigning Britbowl Champions, Tamworth Phoenix.
  • The drop down to Division Two was supposed to help West Coast Trojans (see: Birmingham Bulls), but they opened their 2018 campaign with a 14-22 home defeat to Dumfries Hunters.
  • In a game of “Who Can Score Most Against The Rest Of The Conference”, London Blitz trail the Warriors, having beaten Bury by only 50 points to zip…



Billed by many early doors as contenders for the SFC2 West conference crown now that the Apache were out of the way, it became apparent just before the season that the Sharks were low on numbers coming in to the campaign, with a number of players moving to Torbay Trojans. The Sharks hosted the Trojans in Week 2, with the visitors coming out on top 0-26, which leads us nicely on to…



Two shutouts in the top flight (nearly three but for Titans consolation score against the ‘Nix), one shutout in Division One as the Falcons nearly dumped a burger on the Jets and four of the six games in Division Two featured a side shutout offensively (the Railroaders scoring on a late punt return against the Bulls). We’d like to put this down to the creative genius of some of the Defensive Coordinators out there…but some OCs are going to have their work cut out in 2018.



Through the 2017 season, the Warhawks not only averaged just 5.4ppg in the NFC2 South, they also conceded a whopping 45.3ppg. Fast forward to 2018, and Humber’s defensive frailties were once again on show as they were on the receiving end of a 53-0 shellacking at the hands of Staffordshire Surge. Sure, Surge are one of the favourites for the crown, and yes, there’ll be ‘easier’ games ahead, but it’s not the way you’d want to banish the memories of last year.



Rob Amor

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