Good Week / Bad Week: BUCS 15/16 – Week 13

Good Week

Honourable mention: Swansea Titans’ fullback Josh Hughes whose successful wedding proposal is now the most famous wedding proposal in Britball history.

BNU Turtles (formerly known as Buccaneers)

BNU beat the Spitfires in a low scoring encounter that ended 14-13, allowing them to throw some well deserved shade back DC’s way and, as they pointed out, finish undefeated under the pseudonym of the Turtles. The question still remains whether BNU will adopt Turtles as their new name or quit while they are ahead and go back to the Buccaneers? As we have found out, they tend to let us know.

South East 1A

We had two big upsets in the penultimate week before playoffs in the South East from the Falcons and the Pythons.

The Falcons impressive 8-0 victory over division champions, Brighton Tsunami, was enough to sneak them into the playoffs head of the Pirates and the Redhawks. On the flip side of this result, the Tsunami, could easily have lost home field advantage throughout the playoffs had the Saxons not been demolished by the previously winless Pythons.

Lincoln Colonials

The Colonials emerged victorious from this week’s Game of the Week overthrowing the Jets in a low scoring 3 point victory. The shame of it all is that it is clear that the Colonials, and others (Gladiators, Burners, Sentinels), deserve some post season football action but will not be getting any. One can only imagine that it does not sit too well with teams across the third tier that they have so little chance of escaping it for the tier above.