Good Week / Bad Week | BUCS Playoffs Round One…?

Out of ~43 BUCS and Sapphire fixtures scheduled up this weekend, only a mere four took place…

Which is going to make this edition of Good Week Bad Week pretty tough to balance out!

Good Week

Honestly? Between BUCS Regs being reinterpreted in new ways we’ve never seen before, teams being ruled out of the postseason because of admin balls-ups, and the weather causing all but four fixtures to drop off the slate?

We’re kinda left with limited options here!

Sheffield Sabres snag crown and playoff win

It’s been a very successful week for the Sabres – they snagged the 1A Yorkshire crown without even realising it on Sunday, thanks to Saturdays’ Rams win over the Gryphons being voided by BUCS Regs, and followed it up by proving themselves worthy of it with a 19-0 win over the Rams themselves on Sunday.

Alongside the Sabres, the Brighton Panthers took a nice win from the Bears and strong fourth quarters from the Kent Falcons and Bangor MudDogs carried the home sides to victory as they all braved the Beast from the East to pick up crucial playoff wins at the weekend.

Bears claw their way into the postseason

It might have taken some help from the BUCS office voiding a few crucial fixtures across Division Two, but credit where it’s due, the RHUL Bears completed a goal that seemed highly improbable when they made their intentions known at the mid-point of the season. Despite starting the year 0-2, some nice football to round out the year, combined with a bit of luck at the close, saw RHUL into the playoffs – if only briefly.

With scholarship opportunities for ballers at the Bears going forwards, expect RHUL to be a programme on the rise.

No automatic alt text available.Snow can’t snuff Sapphire out entirely

While snowed-out pitches and dangerous travel conditions may have shut down most of the Britball over the weekend, including all five tourneys in the women’s game, some Sapphire ballers still found ways to make the most of their weekend.

While the Edinburgh Wolves Women dug in with NHS 24, getting a workout in clearing snow, in Div 2B the Saxons and Saints got a ‘freebie’ scrimmage ahead of the final round of Sapphire in a fortnight’s time.

And who had the worst of it this week? Honestly, we’re maybe a bit spoilt for choice…




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