Good Week / Bad Week | BUCS Playoffs Round One…?

Dishonourable mentions:
  • BUCS Reg 9.3 – Responsible for the loss of a good number of fixtures this weekend, teams that didn’t submit scorelines submitted ahead of midnight last Monday saw them stripped away – wins and losses voided from existence. In some cases? This didn’t have a massive impact… In others? Oh boy.
  • Division One – Yup, the entire tier is in a tight spot this week, as there’s a fair chance the majority of the first round of playoff games simply won’t happen. While Division Two and Prem had spare weeks to be able to have their postseason schedule pushed back, a proposed delay in the middle-tier postseason is reliant upon consent from all sixteen postseason programmes accepting that the Div One National Final be pushed back to an as yet unconfirmed date sometime in the future.
    Considering many of these teams are stocked with ballers with summer league commitments, it’s looking sketchy as to whether every single programme will be able to agree, and the majority of the round one fixtures will fall to tiebreakers.

Bad Week

Beast From The East Beats Down Britball

The weather. So often the villain through the Uniball season, but this past week in particular it did a special number on both the BUCS and Sapphire fixtures.

Crucial fixtures fell from the slate in both current formats of Britball, as well as pretty much every team across the country cancelling their training sessions.

A mere four competitive fixtures were played.

Perhaps the Beast deserved it’s own Good Week spot?

BUCS baffle the Britball Nation

It’s not even just about the arbitrary way they stripped wins from a bunch of teams… though lawd knows that smarts for the teams involved… more on that later.

But seemingly following a number of personnel changes in the BUCS Office responsible for American Football, we saw entirely new methods used for determining postseason seedings that had both DC, but also BAFA and the BUCS Sports Advisory Group as well, scratching their heads as to how they’d come up with the postseason rankings they settled upon.

While on Friday BUCS did eventually sit down and come up with range of solutions to the postseason problems caused by the weather, their communication and coordination with other Britball institutions throughout the year has been extremely poor, and led to much of the confusion this past week – including some within the community questioning the benefits of the relationship with BUCS.

A petition against BUCS actions, particularly in regards the voiding of fixtures, has reached nearly 4,000 signatures but is yet to receive a response, and the Chair of the BUCS Sports Advisory Group, Phil Wood, has resigned his post following continued frustrations in BUCS opting to not work effectively alongside the Britball community.

Gladiators gut-punched by lack of postseason

It’s been a frustrating year for the Gloucestershire Gladiators who had hopes of promotion coming into this season. Two single-score losses to the front-runners in their conference meant a crown was out of the question, but postseason balling still well within reach… or so it seemed.

However, an unreported Week Eleven scoreline, a 37-7 win over the Lancers, saw the fixture voided, and the Glads dropped out of the postseason entirely – a crushing blow for the promising programme.

Woeful week leaves Rams reeling.


There’s times where we use this Bad Week column to poke a team that’s underperforming… And there’s times when honestly… We just wanna give em a hug and acknowledge that these ballers are hurting right now.

Tuesday, the Rams found out that due to an unreported score of their Saturday game? They’d lost their 1A Yorkshire title. Despite winning 32-20 on the field of play, in theory taking a 6-2-0 uncatchable lead atop the conference, the fixture was later voided – dropping the Rams from the #2 seed to the #6.

Sunday, despite moving the ball well at times, the Rams can’t put scores on the board and fall 19-0 to a Sheffield Sabres team that were now double-beneficiaries of the Rams’ troubled week.

And then Sunday evening, Rams Head Coach Sam Bloomfield resigns his post, with no immediate replacement waiting in the wings.

What should have been remembered as an incredible turnaround season for the Rams, who opened the season 0-2 before hitting a six-game hot streak, falling apart in a matter of days… and in part due to circumstances beyond their control.

As we said… Ouch.



But who do YOU think had good or bad weeks, #BritballNation?

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