Good Week / Bad Week – BUCS Rain Week

Rain week became snow week, as we lost half our slate of already rescheduled fixtures to the weather once more, meaning many squads are going to be hard-pressed to complete their schedules before the year is out…

But of those few fixtures that remained, which teams had the found the warmth of victory in the chill weather?

Good Week

Honourable Mentions

  • The Edge Hill Vikings have probably picked up their first win since February last year. We say probably, because there’s a little bit of confusion as to whether their game – which was called at the half with the Vikings holding a narrow 2-0 lead, will stand. Standard Britball rules would say if the game reached the half, it stands with the score as it was at the whistle… But Bradford seemed to be under a different impression, thinking the game would go down as a draw, or further postponed at least… and a quick glance at the BUCS rules implies a fixture needs to be 75% complete for the score to stand… This could get interesting.
  • The Greenwich Mariners pick up their first win of the year, with a convincing victory over ARU that lifts them off the bottom of the 2A South East.
  • The Leicester Longhorns’ single score victory over the Wolves, in frosty conditions, means they’re looking like they’re going to be very hard to dislodge from the middle tier!
Saints stay undefeated, kick for win over Braves

In harsh conditions, the Saints were forced to come from behind to keep their perfect record atop the Premiership Norther.

With some of the Saints’ scholarship players yet to return from the Christmas break, Derby took an early lead. With the grim weather, both offences were struggling, but the Saints dug in to pull back a score, before taking the lead with a field goal in the third quarter – no mean feat to kick between the uprights in those kinda conditions!

Phoenix rise from the ashes to contend for the 2A South East

In the oddball conference of Division Two – the only one where teams actually play an eight-game home-and-away schedule for 2017/18, the UEL Phoenix’s victory has quietly moved them into pole position to take their conference crown!

Sure, on paper they’re still slightly behind their rivals, the Vipers, owing to having played one less fixture – but crucially their 10 point win at the weekend gives them the head-to-head over the Vipers. As such, should both sides wrap up the year on the same record, as many might expect? The Phoenix will pip Quimble to the top spot.

And the big winner this weekend ONCE AGAIN… of course, the weather.

Image result for nfl snowOdds are, of the five fixtures that were rescheduled to this weekend having been dropped earlier in the season? We’ll be lucky if any of them ever get played.

The format of the BUCS season allows little leeway for missed fixtures, especially doubly-missed ones… Though keep an eye out for the Division One teams, particularly Glasgow and Kingston who are eying conference crown spots, to do their damnedest to get these games back on the slate.

Dammit weather, round two to you.


But who got left out in the cold once again this weekend across the #BritballNation?




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