Good Week / Bad Week – BUCS Rain Week

Bad Week

Dishonourable Mentions

  • The Bradford Bears seemingly departed Sunday’s game believing they had earned themselves a draw – potentially their first points of the season so far! Now, it turns out, they might be right? That, at the very least, the game might have to be written off the slate and go down as a 1-1 tie?
    We’ll need to wait and see… But if they did leave a game, buoyed by the prospect that they’d picked up their first points of the season, only to find out later they actually lost it? Man, that’s gotta be a tough pill to swallow.
Braves drop to 0-4, despite knocking on the door

The Braves drew first blood in this weekend’s game against the undefeated, conference topping Saints, and deep into the fourth quarter were knocking on the door of the Durham endzone… before things went rapidly awry!

Flaring tempers earned one of their players an ejection, putting the offence 15yds further away from paydirt.

They followed this up with giving up a sack, pushing them even further away, and so with the clock rapidly running down the Braves’ QB hurried them to the line to spike the ball…

…On fourth down. Turnover on downs, Saints win.


Immortals may not be long for this world…

When they opened the year with a 42 to diddly loss against a side they split games with last year?

It was clear this wasn’t the same Immortals team that went 6-2 into the postseason, in an incredibly hotly contested 1A South East last season.

Instead, it seems losses of key veterans across their roster during the offseason, combined with three heavy losses through the first half of their year, means the Immortals are now looking very thin on the ground.

36-nil down in the third, and the Immortals coaches were forced to throw in the towel against a tough UEA side, lacking the healthy players to continue the fixture safely.

With four more games on the slate, the question now becomes whether the Immortals can survive the year?

Fury roasted by the Rams

Having hopped across into the 1A Yorkshire, the LJMU Fury seemed to be something of a quandary in the conference – with wins over Sheffield Sabres and the Leeds Griffons, and holding their own – at least in the early part – against the powerhouse Sheffield Hallam.

Sat in the #2 spot in the conference coming out of the break, there was a chance they’d be right in the mix for playoff football…

Though, it seems perhaps the Fury forgot to set their hibernation alarms coming out of the holiday period, as following the 44-0 scoreline, we have to wonder whether the Liverpudlian side event showed up? Certainly UCLan, who leapfrog them into the #2 spot in the conference, look a much more interested prospect coming into this latter part of the season than they did in the first.

Doesn’t bode well for the Fury that the teams go toe-to-toe this weekend too!


But who do YOU think had good or bad weeks, #BritballNation?

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