Good Week / Bad Week – BUCS Week 10

Good Week

Notable mention: Imperial Immortals (so close for the Immortals who were standing toe to toe with the Lions up until a 4th quarter flurry put the game out of their reach)

1. Plymouth Blitz

The Blitz survived a second half comeback from the Gloucestershire Gladiators to prevail 29-21 victors and all but clinch the Western 2A. With the Blitz just needing ‘Cuda to lose next week to the Gladiators or themselves to beat the Bobcats they can pop the bubbly already because the division is theirs (Eds: to lose?).

2. First Wins

Bournemouth Bobcats got W number one and scored their first points of the season against the woebegone Bath Spa Bulldogs. Across the border, Heriot Watt put up 21 and shut out the previously predatory Edinburgh Predators who have had no problem racking up points this season. Impressive stuff from HW.

3. LJMU Fury

The Fury have absolutely cleaned up in North West 2A this year; and there are many reasons for that. This team plays faster and more physical than any team in this division, they can actually throw the football and have a couple of dynamic backs who will take it to the house when they get to the second level. The Fury are going to be a serious force in the post season. Watch out.