Good Week / Bad Week – BUCS Week Five

Bad Week

Dishonourable mentions

  • The sting appears to be lacking for the Bath Killer Bees so far this season – a heavy loss to Swansea on Sunday stops them to 0-4 on the season, with a visit from the buoyant Birmingham Lions their last chance to notch up a W this side of Christmas.
    It was an upset win over the Lions that kept the Bees in the top tier last year, but if they can’t pull off something similar next Sunday it’s going to be a big ask for the Bees to dodge the drop.
  • It’s starting to look grim for the Leeds Gryphons, who took a heavy loss against the Rams on Sunday. The recently promoted side were competitive against LJMU, but otherwise have looked off the pace of Division One so far this season. They host the Sabres next Sunday to complete their first circuit of the conference, and a loss would leaving them warily eyeing a drop right back to Division Two.
  • It’s very possible that the Huddersfield Hawks just handed the Worcester Royals their first victory in two calendar years! Yes, a lack of medical cover on Sunday meant the Royals’ road trip to Yorkshire came to nothing, and the Hawks will now have to huddle up and figure out whether they can foot the bill to see the fixture rescheduled. Given that their seven-game season was reduced to only five following the withdrawal of Bedfordshire and Northampton, there’s potentially hope for the Hawks yet.
Bombers blown apart by Raiders

There was a time that our 2A Borders conference correspondent was mentioning the Lancaster Bombers as a potential dark horse for some postseason action out of the Borders, but that time came to a close after the Bombers were bullied by the Raiders on Sunday, to the tune of a #50Burger defeat.

It’s a second straight heavy defeat for the Lancaster side, and while they’ll be hopeful to tie their year up at 2-2 before the break as they host UWS next weekend, it’s clear they’re well off the pace of the playoff contenders in their conference.

It’s gonna be a cramped second half of the season for the YSJ Jags

We took some criticism on our predictions article last week, when a former YSJ Jaguars player called us out for ‘creating rumours and lambasting new teams’, owing to the fact our prediction predicted that the game would probably not happen.

Oddly, the comment and subsequent criticisms disappeared later that day when the Jags announced the game would indeed not be happening, reportedly due to the AU declaring their pitch unplayable.

We’ll say the same here as we said there: We’re eager to support programmes towards success, especially those with the goal of league participation, but that doesn’t mean we’ll censor our writers from giving justified criticism.

The Jags now have six, or strictly speaking seven if you count the rarely used Week Seven, weeks of the regular season to complete their seven game schedule, seemingly kicking things off with the gruelling prospect of a trip to the rampaging Newcastle Raiders next weekend.

Derby eyeing the drop as the Braves approach the Christmas break winless

While the Prem North is probably the most hotly contested conference in the country, it’s doubtful Derby were expecting to head to the midseason break without a single notch in the win column.

Loughborough found some previously unseen offence on Sunday, leading to Derby’s second straight narrow defeat, and while they still have the majority of their season ahead of them, at 0-3 the Braves will be feeling the breath of relegation on their necks.

Piling on top of their woes, rumblings are that some of their top ballers won’t return following the break, due to preserving their eligibility for European balling over the summer.

But who do YOU think had good or bad weeks, #BritballNation?

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