Good Week / Bad Week – BUCS Week Two

Bad Week

Dishonourable Mentions
  • Despite the incredibly positive response to the All-DC Rosters announced this preseason, celebrating the individual talents of players all across the different tiers of the University game, uptake for All-DC nominations from Uniball Head Coaches so far this year has been decidedly low – with only eight programmes’ Head Honchos completing the nomination process in Week One.
    Now, admittedly we’ve changed the process slightly this year so as to not directly nag individual coaches quite so much, but rather give them a single form that they can access all season long to complete their nominations whenever they see fit… But at the same time, if you’re eager to ensure your programme is represented in the 17/18 All-DC rosters, it might be worth giving your Head Coach a little nudge and ask him whether he’s participating in the All-DC process this season!
  • The woes for promoted programmes continued this week, as while Plymouth were able to buck the trend in Week One, the Blitz fell short on Sunday and were joined by many of their recently promoted brethren – Portsmouth and Leeds Carnegie both coming up short in the top tier, with Edinburgh Napier, Leicester and Leeds similarly taking losses in Division One. Only Brunel and Canterbury were able to snag success out of the eight promoted teams this Sunday.
  • Is it going to be an ignominious drop to Div Two balling for the Imperial Immortals? Two weeks in and the side that was playing Premiership balling not so many seasons ago, and saw playoffs only last season, have taken back to back heavy losses to open the year.  They head to a bye week with a chance to bounce back against the Chargers in Week Four.


Are some teams on the Highway to the Danger Zone?

Image result for top gunWe’re only two weeks in, but there are some very viable concerns that certain teams may struggle to make it through the year.

It never bodes well for a programme when you need to push back your first game of the season, but that was the case for the YSJ Jaguars this Sunday, as they now look to reschedule their game against Lancaster. With three programmes dropping before the season even got underway, hopes are the Jags can stabilise their roster in time to kick the season off in Week Five against the Teesside Cougars.

Perhaps even closer to the edge, the Bradford Bears struggled with player numbers throughout last season, and their woes appear to have continued into this campaign. The Bears didn’t make the trip into Wales this past weekend as they lacked the numbers to fulfil the fixture, and expectations are this one’ll go down as a walkover for the Welshmen, who between too much rain and too few bears have now missed out on back to back fixtures to open their year.

Pyros painful start to the season


It’s been a rough start to the season for these Scotsmen, as the UWS Pyros have found themselves on the receiving end of back to back shut-out-50-burgers to start the year.

A team that’s struggled with player numbers in recent seasons, the Pyros showed great resilience in 2016/17 in completing their season despite suffering repeated heavy losses… however, there was nothing on this scale last season.

The Predators thumped 56 on the Pyros in Week One, and this was followed up with a cruel 82 to diddle scoreline against the Cougars in Week Two.

With a third straight fixture approaching this weekend, here’s hoping the Pyros can make it a competitive game against the Centurions, else it’s going to require an impressive amount of grit and determination for their small roster to survive this season unscathed.

Braves/Saints fixture called before the half

Kinda a bad news/good news story here, as we lost a crucial match up this past weekend due to an injury delay causing the game to be called before the half.

The Saints and Braves were locked at 0-0 part way through Quarter Two when a suspected neck injury led to a significant delay in play, that eventually saw the coaching staffs and officials agree to call the fixture quits.

The good news? The Braves’ player has been given the all clear, and we wish him the speediest of recoveries from any continuing ailments.

Further, as BUCS regulations fixtures must at least reach the half for the scoreline to stand? We’ll get another chance for these two titans of the north to clash, later in the year – the two AUs reportedly close to confirming the rescheduled date already. Derby Braves






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