Good Week/Bad Week – BAFANL Week Fourteen

Bit of a quiet weekend with only eleven Adult fixtures, one Youth tournament and a handle of U19 games taking place. But where there are games, there are opinions to be had and Good Week/Bad Week pages to be filled!


Honourable mentions;

  • CARLILSE WIN! Victory over Knottingley gives Carlisle Sentinels their first win of the 2017 season.
  • Highland Wildcats kept the pressure on Manchester for the #3 seed in the North with a big win over Leeds Academy.
  • Following a clean sweep at the Colchester tournament, East Kent Mavericks (U17) are heading to the Britbowl tournament as at 9-0 in the South East Conference, they can’t be caught with one tournament to go.



Three years on from an 0-6 season which included three forfeits, Head Coach George Lees’ young side completed a perfect regular season yesterday with a 57-12 win over Lincolnshire. The win locks the Caesars into the National Plate/Britbowl Semi-Final, where they currently await the East Kilbride Pirates – who can yet steal the top spot in the North should they win their final fixture while conceding less than 8 points.



The Titans bounced back against the only side to better them this season, as they defeated the Yorkshire Rams 42-21. The win confirms Manchester as the NFC1 North champions with one game to go (versus Newcastle). The Titans also moved to 4-1 at U19 with a solid 40-0 win over Chester to put pressure on East Kilbride.



The Revolution were crowned NFC2 South champions with a dominant 30-0 win over Chester Romans yesterday. At 8-0, the Rev cannot be caught by Staffordshire Surge. Our new #1 ranked team in Division Two have now put up 196 points in their last three outings, hitting solid form ahead of the post-season.



Rob Amor

Rob somehow fits Britball around a hectic life of work, newborns, and rare, blissful, moments of quiet in which to nap. Rob became Chairman of the Sandwell Steelers in September 2017. He leads DC's Adult league coverage and dabbles in a bit of BUCS. Follow him on Twitter - @RobAmorDC