Government in talks about UK NFL franchise

“Yesterday in Parliament”, now those aren’t words you would expect to see on the pages of DC, however, our great sport was featured in questions to The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Karen Bradley during a debate in the main chamber of the Houses Of Parliament.

Mr Peter Bone MP for Wellingborough asked the Secretary:

“American football is very popular in this country, and growing more so. In fact, we have had four regular-season National Football League games in London this year. It is rather like Arsenal playing one of their premier league games in New York. Next year, there will be two games at Wembley and two at the magnificent new Tottenham Hotspur ground. Will the Secretary of State tell the House what efforts are being made to attract a franchise to London?”

“discussions are ongoing about a full-time franchise.”

In reply Karen Bradley said:

“I pay tribute to my hon. friend who chairs the all-party group on American football. Mr Speaker, I am just contemplating what you would do if Arsenal were playing in New York and how you would manage to fit in going there and watching the match. It may be a bit of a challenge, but I am sure that you would enjoy it. I was at the Ravens v. Jaguars match at Wembley, and saw an amazing full house of people enjoying American football here in the United Kingdom. We want to continue to promote American football here, and discussions are ongoing about a full-time franchise.”

Now some of you may be unaware that there is an all-party parliamentary group on American Football, however, its purpose is to promote and increase official recognition of American football within the United Kingdom.

The group held its first public meeting last month and heard a presentation from BAFA chairman Martin Cockerill (pictured below giving the presentation).
Martin Cockerill

In keeping with the modern times we live in, the group even has a Twitter profile.

Watch the question from the House Of Commons.