Halton Spartans seeking to enhance coaching staff

The Halton Spartans, since joining the league in 2015, are one of the most promising young programmes. With access to superb facilities and based in one of the heartlands of Britball in the UK, there’s every sign the Spartans are a team on the up and up.



After our first losing season since our establishment, the Halton Spartans are looking to enhance our coaching team to get things back on track and make a push for playoff football in 2018.

As such we are looking to recruit a new Offensive Coordinator and coaches of all positions to join a fast growing programme.

With a youth system to be in place for 2018 and a talented pool of players, there has never been a better time to become part of Sparta 2018


  • Offensive Coordinator
  • Positional Coaches

To find out more about the vacancies please contact Spartans Head Coach Ian Beattie either via e-mail (BeattieIan79@yahoo.co.uk) or on 07885536954

To make an application please contact General Manager Ian Derbyshire via e-mail (derbyshireI44@hotmail.com) or tel: 07909960224

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