Hertfordshire Hurricanes Game Week

Tis the season of giving and receiving and as part of that we decided to contact the top teams in our BUAFL/BUCS/Uni Ball Power rankings to find out how the dynasties at the top of our game train on a week to week basis. The first to respond were the ever efficient Hertfordshire Hurricanes with their regular season game week schedule:


Day one of practice week is the pretty standard Tuesday. The Hurricanes meet up for class at 1900 and cover a myriad of subjects. First up they cover Special teams and what the team will be looking at during the week. Like many of the top teams Herts nearly commit a third of their practice time on the field to special teams, a vital part of the game that is often overlooked in favor of more scheme for offence and defence.. When the team breaks into units they will cover correction from the previous week as well as game plan for the next game. This is also an opportunity for the team to go over scout for the later scout periods on Thursday. This little addition at the end helps them prepare for their next opponent and some Herts players comment that “it’s almost like we’ve played the opposition twice already before we actually face them.”

This year is also the first year that the team has been able to use HUDL, the video editing and sorting tool and it has been used to maximum effect to help Herts prepare for their next games, as well as flag up any issues they may have to correct during the game week.




A pretty standard Thursday evening two hour practice. The half an hour dedicated to team scout is what will probably stand out most. They run their scout period with cards as quickly as they can to maximise reps and try to utilise scout players (although their squad isn’t as massive as you would think). The “Skelly” period is a 7 on 7 pass practice the Hurricanes call “Air Raid” with the back seven defensive players taking on four receivers, a running back, center and QB. With regards to the amount of contact Herts players are in during a game week practice Defensive Coordinator Simon Hatcher commented that “We are not a huge contact team, but do tackling every practice in individual period and install period (defence needs less install than offence in my opinion.¬†We run our inside run and team periods as contact, but each player knows how to practice so they play hard, but try to avoid silly injuries.”