If the Playoffs were tomorrow…

Now we have completed 12 weeks of the season and there are only 7 weeks left until the Playoffs begin, the League tables are starting to take shape and we can make an educated guess as to who will be making it to the post season in 2014.



In the National League this season there are now 5 divisions, this means the playoff format has changed again. Just like in the Premiership there will be 8 teams that make it to the post season. The post season will consist of 3 rounds (Quarter-Final, Semi-Final & Final). The 5 division winners automatically make it through to the playoffs, the remaining 3 spots are made up of the 3 runners up with the best record, the tie breaker being points against. Just like in the BUAFL the highest seed is always at home and plays against the lowest seed left in the competition. If the regular season had finished yesterday the current seedings would be:


#1 Watford Cheetahs 7-0 1.000

#2 Clyde Valley Blackhawks 7-0 1.000

#3 Solent Thrashers 6-0 1.000

#4 Merseyside Nighthawks 6-0-1 0.929

#5 Peterborough Saxons 6-1 0.857

#6 Farnham Knights 7-1 0.875

#7 Kent Exiles 4-1 0.800

#8 Ouse Valley Eagles 5-2 0.714


The Watford Cheetahs will stay at 7-0 and the Kent Exiles will stay at 4-1 until the league decides a result for their game, so neither team has improved their record despite almost three quarters of football being played.

This would lead to round 1 of the playoffs being:

(#8) Ouse Valley Eagles       @ (#1) Watford Cheetahs

(#7) Kent Exiles                    @ (#2) Clyde Valley Blackhawks

(#6) Farnham Knights           @ (#3) Solent Thrashers

(#5) Peterborough Saxons    @ (#4) Merseyside Nighthawks



The Premiership has kept the same format as last season. If you finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in the Prem North or Prem South then you make it through to the playoffs! Just like in the National League the highest ranked team always plays at home.

In the Quarter-Final, game A would be, North 1 vs South 4, game B, South 2 vs North 3, game C, South 1 vs North 4 and game D, North 2 vs South 3. The Semi-Finals will be the winner of games A vs B an C vs D. If the season had ended yesterday the current Quarter-Finals would be:


(N1) Tamworth Phoenix    vs (S4) South Wales Warriors

(S2) London Blitz           vs (N3) Coventry Jets

(S1) London Warriors       vs (N4) Yorkshire Rams

(N2) East Kilbride Pirates vs (S3) Bristol Aztecs


Obviously with 7 weeks left until the Quarter-Finals there is still a lot of football to be played and these fixtures could change dramatically, however, there are some interesting match ups here that we would love to see. A rematch of Farnham and Solent would be very entertaining as well as the Bristol Aztecs now having to make the long journey up to East Kilbride!