If The Season Ended Today… Adult | 09-08-17


Two-thirds of the adult game has dodged the bullets of human existence  and made it to the postseason!

While the bottom tier still have another week of regular season to play out, the middle tier are already at the regional championship stage, and by the end of play on Sunday we’ll know which two teams will be headed to the Britbowl… Might we finally see a side that isn’t the Blitz or Warriors make it to the National Championship showdown? #AnyGivenSunday

N.B. New additions/movers in each category from this week compared to last are highlights in bold.

Three tiers of the Adult game, each with their own playoff formats and structures…

The only thing that holds true across all three is tiebreakers, which simplified look something like:

i) Win Percentage

ii) Head to head record

iii) Points conceded per game, on average.

So let’s just dive right in!


The simplest of the three, top two teams from each of the two conferences qualify for semi-finals.

#1 Team from each conference plays host to the #2 team from the other, in a National Playoff format. The two winners advance to Britbowl XXXI.

#1 North hosts #2 South

Tamworth Phoenix (1.000, 7.9 PAPG) v London Warriors (0.800, 13.5 PAPG)

#1 South hosts #2 North

London Blitz (0.900, 15.1 PAPG) v Merseyside Nighthawks (0.700, 28.9 PAPG)



Wolverines** <currently no relegation from Prem South>.


Division One

Despite some possible controversy that was quickly cleared up, the first round of the Division One went down in style this past weekend with some nail biting matchups… and some others, not so much :p

Four teams now remain, who’ll battle to be crowned regional champions, before the two victors head to the Division One National Final in Leeds during Britbowl Weekend.


Leicester Falcons vs Manchester Titans

The NFC1 Champs finally go head to head. Both sides took away fairly comfortable wins from their first round fixtures – the Falcons besting the Rams 27-8, while the Titans avenged their loss to the Steelers in the 2016 postseason with a 29-12 scoreline.


London Olympians vs Kent Exiles

The London Olympians romped to victory over the Solent Thrashers in a shoot-out of a game where we saw our first postseason #50burger – the Olympians put in their best offensive performance of the year so far in their 55-29 win.

Meanwhile there was a surprise in the other southern fixture as the Kent Exiles, who picked up only five wins from their hotly contested regular season, bested the previously undefeated Sussex Thunder in a nail-biting overtime victory!


Division Two

Division Two sees two regional postseason tournaments, with no national playoffs.

In each region (North/South) eight teams will head to postseason football from the three conference therein, selected as follows:


The three teams ranked #1 in each region’s conferenced will be seeded #1-#3.

The three teams ranked #2 in each region’s conferences will be seeded #4-#6.

The two best third place teams across each region’s conferences, as determined by tiebreakers, will be seeded #7 and #8.


#1 Gateshead Senators** (1st, 1.000, 7.13 PAPG) vs #8 Morecambe Bay Storm** (3rd, 0.550, 30.0 PAPG)

#2 Shropshire Revolution* (1st, 1.000, 8.0 PAPG) vs #7 Lincolnshire Bombers (3rd, 0.667, 21.44 PAPG)

#3 Glasgow Tigers* (1st, 0.889, 5.33 PAPG) vs #6 Aberdeen Roughnecks** (2nd, 0.563, 19.13 PAPG)

#4 Leeds Bobcats** (2nd, 1.000, 8.13 PAPG) vs #5 Chester Romans** (2nd, 0.667, 12.56 PAPG)

Similarly to the situation in the North, we now know seven of the eight teams. Staffordshire Surge could yet replace Lincolnshire Bombers if Lincoln were to lose their final fixture and Surge to win theirs.

Out of the Running:

Halton Spartans, Humber Warhawks, Knottingley Raiders, Walney Terriers, Carlisle Sentinels, Northumberland Lightning, Crewe Railroaders


#1 Wembley Stallions* (1st, 1.000, 5.67 PAPG) vs #8 Swindon Storm (3rd, 0.667, 12.44 PAPG)

#2 Bristol Apache* (1st, 1.000, 11.22 PAPG) vs #7 Hertfordshire Cheetahs** (3rd, 0.778, 9.44 PAPG)

#3 Berkshire Renegades** (1st, 0.889, 11.13 PAPG) vs #6 East Kent Mavericks (2nd, 0.667, 15.55 PAPG)

#4 Portsmouth Dreadnoughts** (2nd, 0.778, 10.78) vs #5 Cornish Sharks (2nd, 0.667, 11.0 PAPG)

Results went much as expected and we see now shifts – YET – in these seedings, but there’s a lot to play for in the final week of the regular season.

The Cornish Sharks or Swindon Storm could yet be ousted from their playoff berth by the Essex Spartans depending how results go in their final week of fixtures.

Out of the Running:

Worcestershire Black Knights, Torbay Trojans, Jurassic Coast Raptors, Bournemouth Bobcats, East Essex Sabres, Maidstone Pumas, Hastings Conquerors

*Locked in as conference champs
**Locked into playoffs


Disclaimer and proviso: These are the seedings and fixtures as best as DC can figure them. THEY ARE NOT OFFICIAL IN ANY WAY AND SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED AS SUCH. No seedings, fixtures, dates, venues, or methods of determining any of the above should be considered ‘confirmed’ until released by BAFA or its partners.




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1