If The Season Ended Today… BUCS Week Eleven

We’ve now got more crowns locked up than waiting to be decided, and North Korea’s still seemingly at the test stage so we might see this season rounded out yet!

If the powers that be at BUCS were to call an end to the season this very day? Let’s take a look at who’d be in or out when it comes to the postseason culls in each tier.

Division Two

We’ll start at the bottom and work our way up.

Division Two has the smallest number of teams headed to a potential postseason, by proportion to the number of teams involved at least, with 16 berths for the 43 teams that began the season in that tier to compete for – eight for the three northern conferences (2A Borders, 2A North and 2A Midlands), eight for the three southern (2A South, 2A South East, 2A South West). Playoffs are regional.

What’s more, this season in Division Two is the first time we’ll see the postseason fixtures only determining BUCS points – much to the chagrin of pretty much the entire tier who had this sprung upon them midway through the season. Rather, promotion is determined beforehand, with conferences winners from each of the six conferences switching place with the six fifth-place finishers from the respective Division One conference above them.

The eight playoff berths for each region (north/south) are determined and seeded as follows.

  • Teams placed first in each conference are seeded #1, #2, #3.
  • Teams placed second in each conference are seeded #4, #5, #6.
  • The two third place teams with the best from across the three conferences are seeded #7, #8.

In cases where teams have the same number of BUCS points (two per win), tiebreakers are as follows:

  • Teams that have conceded walkovers will always be placed below those of equal points that have not. (BUCS REG 9.9.1)
  • Head to head record. Where this is split, the aggregate score will determine the higher placed team.  (BUCS REG 9.9.3)
  • Points conceded (BUCS AMF 11.4). It’s not specified, but we assume this is average points conceded over games played (walkover wins are discounted)
  • Points scored (BUCS REG 9.9.7)
  • Coin Toss (BUCS REG 9.9.9)

Bearing all this in mind,

The teams currently sat in play off berths in the Division Two northern conferences are as follows:

#1 –  Edinburgh Napier Knights (6-0, 4.16 papg) †
#2 -Leeds Gryphons (6-0, 12.0 papg) †
#3 – Leicester Longhorns (5-1, 10.0 papg) †
#4 – Bangor Muddogs (5-1, 6.3 papg)
#5 – Coventry University Jets (4-1, 9.5 papg)
#6 – Heriot Watt (4-2, 13.5 papg)
#7 – Lincoln Colonials (4-2 14.8 papg)
#8 – Liverpool Raptors (3-3, 4.8 papg)

† The Leicester Longhorns, Edinburgh Napier Knights and Leeds Gryphons are confirmed conference champions.

Locked in:
  • Heriot Watt
  • Leeds Gryphons
  • Edinburgh Napier Knights
  • Leicester Longhorns
  • Bangor Muddogs
  • Coventry Jets
Still in the fight:
  • MMU Eagles – In if: Win vs DMU.
  • Lincoln Colonials – In if: MMU lose or draw vs DMU
  • Edinburgh Predators – In if: Win vs UWS.
  • Liverpool Raptors – In if: Edinburgh lose vs UWS Pyros.
Out of the race:
  • York Centurions
  • Bradford Bears
  • Keele Crusaders
  • Lancaster Bombers
  • Teesside Cougars
  • Huddersfield Hawks
  • Edge Hill Vikings
  • DMU Falcons
  • Chester Legion
  • UWS Pyros
  • Northampton Nemesis

The teams currently sat in play off berths in the Division Two southern conferences are as follows:

#1 – Canterbury Chargers* (6-0, 3.0 papg) †
#2 – Brunel Burners (6-0, 5.3 papg) †
#3 – Plymouth Blitz (5-1, 7.5 papg) †
#4 – QMBL Vipers* (6-1, 8.4 papg)
#5 – Bristol Barracuda (4-1, 8.2 papg)
#6 – Southampton Stags (4-1, 13.0 papg)
#7 – Gloucestershire Gladiators (4-1, 8.8 papg)
#8 – UCL Emperors (4-2,  17.7 papg)

*We’re not currently sure how the uneven schedule length will affect teams in the southern conferences – 2A South East teams have a seven game season, compared to six games in other conferences. The simplest solution would be to simply discount walkover wins against LSBU, who withdrew before the season got underway.

† The Canterbury Chargers, Brunel Burners and Plymouth Blitz are confirmed conference champions.

Locked in:
  • Southampton Stags
  • Plymouth Blitz
  • QMBL Vipers
  • Brunel Burners
  • Canterbury Chargers
Still in the fight:
  • UCL Emperors – In if: It’s complicated. Biggest threat is from UEL Phoenix if they can play both fixtures and win out.
  • Bristol Barracuda – In if: concede 64 points or less vs Gloucestershire.
  • Gloucestershire Gladiators – In if: Concede 61 points or less vs Bristol
  • ARU Rhinos – In if: LSBU walkovers stand and loser of Bristol vs Gloucestershire concedes 70 or 67 points respectively and UEL don’t win out.
  • Essex Blades – In if: LSBU walkovers stand and beat Greenwich while conceding 29 or less points and UEL don’t win a game.
  • UEL Phoenix – In if: LSBU walkovers stand and win one game while conceding 9 or less points or LSBU walkovers don’t stand and win out vs Greenwich and Canterbury while conceding 39 or less points.
Out of the race:
  • BNU Buccaneers
  • Tarannau Aberystwyth
  • Chichester Spitfires
  • City Sentinels
  • OBU Panthers
  • Bath Spa Bulldogs
  • KCL Regents
  • Westminster Dragons
  • LSBU Spartans

Division One

To all intents and purposes the rules and regulations concerning playoff qualification in Division One are the same as those of Division Two.

Sixteen teams, eight from each regional group of three conferences, qualify for the postseason. Seedings and tiebreakers are determined as per Division Two. Playoffs are regional.

However, in this instance teams are still competing for promotion via the postseason, and the two regional champions will receive promotion to the top tier, before competing against one another in a Division One National Title game.

Based on these factors,

The teams currently sat in play off berths in the Division One northern conferences are as follows:

#1 – Nottingham (7-0, 1.7 papg) †
#2 –  Sheffield Hallam Warriors (7-1, 6.6 papg) †
#3 – Hull Sharks (6-1, 15.0 papg) †
#4 – Warwick Wolves (6-1, 10.2 papg) †
#5 – Glasgow Tigers (5-2, 19.4 papg) †
#6 – Leeds Beckett Carnegie (5-2, 21.1 papg) †
#7 – UCLan Rams (5-2, 6.2 papg) †
#8 – Northumbria Mustangs (4-4, 26.0 papg)

† These teams are all confirmed playoff berths, but seedings still need to be resolved. Sheffield Hallam Warriors and Hull Sharks are confirmed conference champions. Nottingham will be crowned champions unless they lose to Warwick by 22 points or more next week.

Locked in:
  • Leeds Beckett Carnegie
  • Hull Sharks
  • Glasgow Tigers
  • UCLan Rams
  • Nottingham
  • Sheffield Hallam Warriors
  • Warwick Wolves
Still in the fight:
  • Northumbria Mustangs – In if: LJMU lose or win while conceding 31 points
  • LJMU Fury – In if: Win vs Worcester while conceding 29 or less points
Out of the race:
  • Sunderland Spartans
  • Newcastle Raiders (relegated)
  • Sheffield Sabres
  • Manchester Tyrants
  • Staffordshire Stallions
  • Worcester Royals (relegated)

The teams currently sat in play off berths in the Division One southern conferences are as follows:

#1 – Portsmouth Destroyers (8-0, 4.9 papg) †
#2 – Cardiff Cobras (7-0, 9.8 papg) †
#3 – Cambridge Pythons (6-1, 10.6 papg)
#4 – Imperial Immortals (5-2, 6.9 papg)
#5 – Surrey Stingers (5-2, 12.7 papg)
#6 – Exeter Demons (4-3, 8.0 papg)
#7 – Kent Falcons* (4-2, 11.5 papg)
#8 – Sussex Saxons (3-3, 18.2 papg)

* We’re waiting for confirmation of Kent-RHUL’s game last weekend being a double-header which would put Kent at 5-2.

† Cardiff and Portsmouth are confirmed Conference Champions

Since initial draft UWE vs Oxford, Week Two, has been confirmed as a walkover to Oxford which changes things up a bit. Exeter and Kent are locked into the postseason and it’s now a simple matter of win and in for the Sussex Saxons.

Locked in:
  • Exeter Demons
  • Kent Falcons
  • Cambridge Pythons
  • Imperial Immortals
  • Portsmouth Destroyers
  • Cardiff Cobras
  • Surrey Stingers
Still in the fight:
  • Sussex Saxons – In if: Win vs Reading.
  • Reading Knights – In if: Win vs Sussex Saxons by 15 points and finish the season with less points conceded than Solent/UWE
  • Solent Redhawks – In if: Sussex Saxons vs Reading and concede 45 or more points
  • UWE Bullets – In if: Win vs Cardiff and Sussex lose while conceding more points on the year than UWE (21 point buffer) . Handicapped by forfeit vs Oxford, Week Two.
Out of the race:
  • Oxford Lancers (relegated)
  • RHUL Bears (relegated)
  • UEA Pirates
  • Brighton Tsunami (relegated)



The 16/17 Premiership postseason sees eight of the ten teams secure berths to the postseason, with only fifth-place finishers not seeing at least one game of postseason Uniball, and instead automatically relegated.

Seeding is determined by placement of each team in respective conference.

  • Teams placed first in each conference are seeded #1 and #2.
  • Teams placed second in each conference are seeded #3 and #4.
  • Teams in third place in each conferences are seeded #5 and #6
  • And teams placed fourth are seeded #7 and #8.

The tiebreakers noted above will determine seedings between inter-conference opposition.

Therefore, as things currently stand the playoff seedings would look as follows:

A: North #1 vs South #4
Durham Saints (7-0, 20.6 papg) † vs Bath Killer Bees (2-6, 18.3 papg) †
B: South #1 vs North #4
Hertfordshire Hurricanes (6-1, 11.7 papg)  vs Derby Braves (2-5, 31.1 papg) †
C: North #2 vs South #3
Stirling Clansmen (5-2, 21.0 papg) † vs  Swansea Titans (4-3, 12.7 papg) †
D: South #2 vs North #3
Birmingham Lions (5-2, 13.8 papg)  vs Loughborough Students (4-4, 19.5 papg) †

† These teams are now locked into their respective berths. The only unresolved berth across the two Premierships is #1 and #2 in the South which can still be contested between Birmingham and Hertfordshire.

Locked in:
  • Derby Braves
  • Bath Killer Bees
  • Durham Saints
  • Hertfordshire Hurricanes
  • Birmingham Lions
  • Stirling Clansmen
  • Swansea Titans
  • Loughborough Students
Out of the race (relegated):
  • Kingston Cougars
  • NTU Renegades



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