If The Season Ended Today… U17 & U19 | 30-6-17

We’re a good few months into the Trump Administration and the world still hasn’t come to an end… But it’s when you stop paying attention that they get you, so take care Nation!

Were the world, and thus the Britball season, suddenly to come to a close? We here at DC are ready and able to let the few, horribly mutated survivors know how things were shaping up when the Doomsday Clock struck midnight!

Let’s take a look at the Under 19 and Under 17 games, If The Season Ended Today…

Under 17:

As noted in our article last month there are two postseason opportunities available to teams in the Under 17 game – the Britbowl Tournament, and the National Plate.

First up, the Britbowl National Championship tournament will see the top ranked team from each of the seven conferences, seeded #1-#7 as well as the ‘best second place team’ headed to the tournament, seeded #8.

Tiebreakers, in short, are

i) Win Percentage

ii) Head to head record

iii) Points conceded per game, on average.

As such, at present, that gives us the following teams headed to the Britbowl National Championship Tournament:

Headed to Britbowl Tournament:

#1 East Kent Mavericks (1.000, 1.6 PAPG) v #8 North East Academy (0.916, 14 PAPG)
#2 East Kilbride Pirates (1.000, 5 PAPG) v #7 Leeds Academy Assassins (0.916, 11.5 PAPG)
#3 Kent Exiles Rebels  (1.000, 7.6 PAPG) v #6 Manchester Titans South* (0.958, 13.33 PAPG)
#4 Birmingham Lions (1.000, 9.8 PAPG) v #5 Cobham Cougars Blue* (0.958, 8.75 PAPG)


The plate tournament also sees eight teams make the trip. Using the same tie breakers as above the six remaining second place teams, seeded #9-#14, and ‘best two third place teams’, seeded #15 and #16, will head to the tourney.

Headed to National Plate Tournament:

#9 Buckinghamshire Wolves (0.888, 15.88 PAPG) v #16 Kent Exiles Outlaws (0.667, 15.5 PAPG)
#10 London Blitz (0.833,  19.33 PAPG) v #15 Solent Academy Seahawks (0.722, 12.88 PAPG)
#11 Tamworth Phoenix (0.722, 11.55 PAPG) v #14 Highland Wildcats  (0.667, 18.33 PAPG)
#12 Burnley Tornadoes (0.722, 20 PAPG) v #13 Essex Spartans (0.667, 6.5 PAPG)

Obviously many teams are yet to complete their full schedule. Of those listed, only those teams marked with an * have completed their full twelve game schedule and so we can expect to see a lot of potential changes in this situation in the remaining weeks!


Under 19

The the Under 19 game there are four pieces of silverware up for grabs – the Britbowl National Championship, the National Plate, and two regional Trophies to boot!

For the Championship and Plate, the semi finals will see the top two teams from each of the two conferences face off. This is due to the fact that in both conferences, all teams do not necessarily play one another, so by seeing the top two go head to head, we should learn which best deserves their shot at a Britbowl Title.

The winners of these intra-conference playoffs will head to the Britbowl Final, Sat 26 August, with those coming off worse headed to the Plate Final, Sun 27 August.

Tiebreakers, in short, are

i) Win Percentage

ii) Head to head record

iii) Points conceded per game, on average.

That gives us the following teams heading to the Championship/Plate playoffs and regional Trophy Finals.

Championship/Plate Semi-Finals:


Nottingham Caesars (1.000, 4.5 PAPG) vs East Kilbride Pirates (1.000, 8.0 PAPG)


Birmingham Lions** (1.000, 6.0 PAPG)  vs London Blitz (0.667, 6.67 PAPG)

**Can finish no worse than #2 in South.

Regional Trophy Finals:


Manchester Titans (0.750, 7 PAPG) vs Chester Romans (0.667, 26.67 PAPG)


Farnham Knights (0.667, 8.67 PAPG) vs Hertfordshire Cheetahs (0.600, 19.2 PAPG)

Disclaimer and proviso: These are the seedings and fixtures as best as DC can figure them. THEY ARE NOT OFFICIAL IN ANY WAY AND SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED AS SUCH. No seedings, fixtures, dates, venues, or methods of determining any of the above should be considered ‘confirmed’ until released by BAFA or its partners.




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1