If The Season Ended Today | U17 & U19 Week Fourteen

The Under 17 season concluded last weekend, while we still have a smattering of Under 19s fixtures to wrap up.

Despite the onslaught of fake news, mad dictators, and a recent outbreak of Ligma – these seasons have just about made it through to completion!

The threat of global annihilation thanks do a guy with bad hair (pick one) couldn’t hold these young ballers back, so with the postseason fast approaching…

Let’s take a look at the Under 19 and Under 17 games, If The Season Ended Today… Now the regular season’s ended, at least in the case of the U17s!

Under 17:

All locked up in the U17s – sixteen teams are headed to the playoffs with their seedings as follows:

Headed to Britbowl

#1. Kent Exiles Rebels: 1st, (1.000, 5.0 PAPG
#2. Chorley Buccaneers: 1st, (1.000), 5.33 PAPG
#3. Etone Jaguars: 1st, (1.000), 7.81 PAPG
#4. Leeds Academy Assassins: 1st, (1.000), 18.82 PAPG
#5. Cobham Cougars: 1st, (0.917), 10.40 PAPG
#6. Highland Wildcats: 1st, (0.875), 10.00 PAPG
#7. Solent Seahawks: 1st, (0.708), 14.54 PAPG
#8. East Kilbride Pirates: 2nd, (0.792), 8.38 PAPG

Giving us the following first round of fixtures:

#1. Kent Exiles Rebels vs #8. East Kilbride Pirates
#2. Chorley Buccaneers vs #7. Solent Seahawks
#3. Etone Jaguars vs #6. Highland Wildcats
#4. Leeds Academy Assassins vs #5. Cobham Cougars

Headed to National Plate Tournament

#9. Birmingham Lions: 2nd, (0.750), 14.92 PAPG
#10. East Kent Mavericks: 2nd, (0.750), 17.40 PAPG
#11. Hertfordshire Cheetahs: 2nd, (0.667), 22.70 PAPG
#12. Manchester Titans North: 2nd, (0.583) 17.91 PAPG
#13. Swindon Storm: 2nd, (0.545), 19.5 PAPG*
#14. Lincolnshire Bombers: 2nd, (0.500), 28.36 PAPG
#15. Kent Exiles Outlaws: 3rd, (0.583), 19.5 PAPG
#16. Manchester Titans South: 3rd, (0.542) 18.58 PAPG**

*We’re still awaiting confirmation of League decision on an unplayed fixture vs Farnham Knights, but assume this has gone in the favour of the Storm as their seeding has been confirmed at #13.

**The Manchester Titans South snag the sixteenth and final spot, seemingly after an early-season result between the Tamworth Phoenix and Sandwell Steelers was overturned, apparently due to an officiating error.

This means the first round of plate fixtures will be:

#9. Birmingham Lions vs #16. Manchester Titans South
#10. East Kent Maverick vs #15. Kent Exiles Outlaws 
#11. Hertfordshire Cheetahs vs #14. Lincolnshire Bombers
#12. Manchester Titans North vs #13 Swindon Storm


Congratulations to all those that have made it to the postseason! 

The Under 17 finals, both Britbowl and National Plate, take place on 4 August 2018 at University of Derby Sports Centre, Kedleston Rd, Derby, DE22 1GB.


Under 19

The Under 19’s game has a final weekend of fixtures to go, and we’re seeing a lot of shimmying to fit in the crucial games.

Those awesome ballers over at Cobham have stepped aside to allow the Cheetahs and Warriors to reschedule their postponed early-season fixture and fight for the crucial #2 spot in the south! Similarly, the remaining teams in Division Two South have reshuffled games following the withdrawal of the Cats and Mavericks to ensure the remaining teams get as many games as possible!

So let’s take a look at who’s in the running to see some postseason action!

Division One

We’re assuming the postseason will work the same way as in 2017 – top two teams in each conference will go head to head in regional Semi-Finals, with the victors heading to Britbowl, while those that come up short head to the National Plate.

Third and fourth place teams in their respective conferences will then play off in regional trophy games, third place hosting fourth.

So who’s still in with a shot?


Locked into the Britbowl/Plate postseason:

  • Manchester Titans

At 5-0 and their remaining fixture vs Highland voided, not going to be played out, and the head to head over EKP, the Titans have sealed the deal on the top spot in the North

N.B. Since the publication of this article we’ve been advised that a decision on the Titans/Wildcats fixture will not be made until the completion of the U19 regular season, per the competition rules:

“13.24 – Fixtures not played by the last week of the regular season will be deemed either 0-0 ties or 1-0 awarded games for the purposes of identifying playoff contenders and positions. All awards will be made at the conclusion of the regular season.”

In the race:

  • East Kilbride Pirates
  • Chester Romans
  • Highland Wildcats

The five-game season for the Wildcats means there’s no hope of a three-way tie allowing them to steal a postseason spot, and with the Lions seemingly withdrawing from the season, odds are Chester will move to 3-2 with a remaining fixture against the Pirates this weekend.

Essentially? The winner of Romans vs Pirates taking place at a neutral venue this weekend will head to the postseason.

The key matchup remains EKP vs Chester – a EKP win will lock them into second place, whereas with no decision on the Highland/Manchester fixture until the season’s end, there’s still the possibility of a three-way tie at 4-2 that could shake things up for the 2nd place spot! 

Still in the running for Regional Trophy:

  • East Kilbride Pirates
  • Chester Romans
  • Highland Wildcats
  • Merseyside Nighthawks

Locked into the Britbowl/Plate postseason:

  • London Blitz

With a perfect 6-0 the reigning champs have locked up postseason action, barely breaking a sweat in the process

In the race:

  • Hertfordshire Cheetahs
  • Solent Seahawks Academy
  • London Warriors

With the Cheetahs picking up a walkover over the Cougars it all comes down to the Hertfordshire Cheetahs vs London Warriors match up this weekend. A Cheetahs victory will send them through, while a Warriors win would lead to a three-way tie at 4-2 between the Cheetahs, Seahawks and Warriors with overlapping head-to-heads, which could get messy.

Still, don’t quote us on this, but it looks like it’d then come down to average points conceded – an area where Hertfordshire currently have a hefty advantage!

Still in the running for Regional Trophy:

  • Hertfordshire Cheetahs
  • Solent Seahawks
  • London Warriors


Division Two

New for 2018, the Under 19’s second division has had a tempestuous first season – the southern conference, in particular, having some issues with two teams only making it part of the way through the season.

The 7-a-side format of the U19 game uses tournaments as opposed to single fixtures, and as such the postseason will also utilise a tournament format with the initial plan being for eight of the nine outfits to head to a National Final, hosted by the Black County Vipers on August 12th.

The Northern conference wrapped up this past weekend, with the Black County Vipers edging the title with a 13-8 victory over the Assassins, and the Exiles currently sit in the top spot in the south where there’s still a couple of rejigged fixtures to play out between the Stallions/Spartans/Exiles to determine seedings.

The seedings as they stand: 

  1. Kent Exiles: 5-0-0 (1.000), 18.00 PAPG
  2. Essex Spartans:  4-1-0 (0.800), 10.25 PAPG
  3. Wembley Stallions:  4-1-0 (0.800), 19.33 PAPG
  4. Black County Vipers: 4-2-0 (0.667), 18.80 PAPG
  5. Leeds Academy Assassins:  4-2-0 (0.667), 17.60 PAPG
  6. Ipswich Cardinals:  (0.333), 31.25 PAPG
  7. Chorley Buccaneers: (0.167), 24.25 PAPG
  8.  —-

N.B. Updated the seedings based on information that conference standing will not be used as a tie-breaker for seeding on this occasion. 

The Cambridgeshire Cats and East Kent Mavericks have withdrawn, meaning the Kent Exiles as #1 seed will receive a bye for the first round of the postseason tournament.

Disclaimer and proviso: These are the seedings and fixtures as best as DC can figure them. THEY ARE NOT OFFICIAL IN ANY WAY AND SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED AS SUCH. No seedings, fixtures, dates, venues, or methods of determining any of the above should be considered ‘confirmed’ until released by BAFA or its partners.




Nick 'Willy Tee' Wilson-Town hails from the South West where he's spent the last decade bouncing around various teams at the university and senior level. He came to fame on the now departed unofficial forum thanks to his regularly irreverent Uniball predictions and general 'BUAFL wafflage'. Follow him on twitter @WillyTee1