If The Season Ended Today – Unofficial – BAFANL Week 18

Well… the regular season did end today… so here’s our guess at what the postseason is going to look like!


As a reminder, the Premier is the easiest tier to calculate as the equation is simple – top two go through in each division, no wildcards.

Premier North

Tamworth Phoenix 2015 LSlightly awkward in that the Prem North teams are now all done for the year. Tamworth were beaten handily by the Blitz and the Nighthawks were beaten by an even larger margin by the Warriors. Ouch.




Premier South

London Warriors LLondon Warriors didn’t shock anybody in putting the Nighthawks to the sword. The London Blitz however, who were abject against the Warriors last week, beat the favoured Tamworth to set up yet another Warriors v Blitz Britbowl.





London Warriors (10-0) v London Blitz (7-3)


Division One was tied up a couple of weeks ago – we’ve updated it for the semi-final results.


Edinburgh Wolves LThe Edinburgh Wolves outclassed the long distance travellers the Kent Exiles to book the almost inevitable berth in the Division One final and with it, promotion to the Premier North.





Sandwell Steelers LSandwell put up a better fight against Bury than the Exiles did against Edinburgh, but still ultimately succumbed to the #2 seed.





Bury Saints LThe Bury Saints have made it to the promised land – they will be promoted to the Premier South after beating Sandwell.



#1 Edinburgh Wolves (10-0) v #2 Bury Saints (9-0-1)

NFC II North

Newcastle Vikings LNewcastle Vikings sealed the division last week and their shutout win over Dundee means they take the #2. The Aberdeen Roughnecks had a chance to knock the Glasgow Tigers into third and boy did they take it – the Roughnecks improved to the #5 seed and knocked Glasgow back down to #7. Aberdeen do have the far longer road trip however, away to Chester, whereas Glasgow only have to go a couple of hours down the road to Newcastle.




Leeds Bobcats LLeeds Bobcats have won the division by virtue of being 9-1 and holding the head-to-head over Chester. They take #3 seed by virtue of conceding more points than the Vikings. The 8-2 Chester Romans were already locked in at second place in the conference, but their win means they steal the final home field berth. Halton Spartans, in third place, needed to have sent the Humber Warhawks more brownies last week as the ‘hawks only notched up 16 points on the Surge instead of the required 29 to keep the Spartans in the postseason.


NFC II South

Leicester Falcons LThe 10-0 Leicester Falcons are division champs, #1 offence, #1 defence and #1 seed. So you could say they had a good season. Shropshire Revolution secured second place as they hold the head-to-head over Staffordshire meaning their 6-4 record will still trump the 7-3 of Glasgow and give Shropshire the sixth seed. Staffordshire Surge‘s 59-16 win over Humber means they displace the Halton Spartans in #8.



#1 Leicester Falcons (10-0) v #8 Staffordshire Surge (6-4, 21.8 papg)
#2 Newcastle Vikings (9-1, 4.6 papg) v #7 Glasgow Tigers (7-3, 10.7 papg)
#3 Leeds Bobcats (9-1, 14.6 papg) v #6 Shropshire Revolution (6-4, 20.7 papg)
#4 Chester Romans (8-2, 16.8 papg) v #5 Aberdeen Roughnecks (7-3, 6.3 papg)

Just missed out: Halton Spartans (6-4, 25.6 papg)



Oxford Saints LOxford Saints are undefeated at 10-0, but their PAPG wasn’t good enough to snag the top seed. The Cornish Sharks were one point away from taking second in division, but beating the Bristol Apache by 6 led to a dead heat on head-to-head. The next tiebreaker is average point conceded, which gives Bristol the advantage. All three will advance to the playoffs in seeds #2, #5 and #7.



SFC II South

Berkshire Renegades LBerkshire Renegades (9-1) sealed the division as expected and take the #3 seed as the only conference champ without a perfect record.

East Kent Mavericks just edged out  Bournemouth Bobcats in the do-or-die match for second in the division by a score of 24-21. EKM’s 8-2 record makes them the best second placed team in the SFC II so they get a home playoff game. Unfortunately for Bournemouth, their loss combined with the Cornish Sharks win has done for their playoff hopes and their season ends here.



London Hornets LThe London Hornets also went undefeated, 10-0 and kept things tight enough on D to secure the #1 seed. Cambridgeshire Cats finally hit the big places after spending almost the whole season mid-table, and have taken second in the conference by virtue of head-to-head over the Wembley Stallions. All three teams are in the postseason.




#1 London Hornets (10-0, 7.0 papg) v #8 Wembley Stallions (7-3, 14.0 papg)
#2 Oxford Saints (10-0, 10.0 papg) v #7 Cornish Sharks (7-3, 10.9 papg)
#3 Berkshire Renegades (9-1, 6.8 papg) v #6 Cambridgeshire Cats (7-3, 9.9 papg)
#4 East Kent Mavericks (8-2, 12.1 papg) v #5 Bristol Apache (7-3, 9.5 papg)

Just missed out: Bournemouth Bobcats (7-3, 17.3 papg)